Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Wearable Statement Piece

I'm having a lovely relaxing Sunday off and I hope you are too! This morning I treated myself to a lie-in until 10.30, that's always a good start to a day off. Last night I went for delicious tapas and cocktails with my Sister and a friend and it was just so nice to come home and not have to set an alarm. Before lunch I went for a 5k walk along the barrow track, it's such a beautiful walk one of my favourites. Since then I have made pancakes for everyone for lunch and I now have a berry drizzle cake in the oven for after our dinner. Hubby is in charge of dinner so I'm chilling for the rest of the day. And I thought I'd post a quick blog post while I have my feet up, I actually started this one over a week ago....ooops!

I really do love finding pieces for my wardrobe that are different and that offer various styling options. When I came across this embroidered tulle dress on Zara I knew I had to blog about it. For me it is the perfect statement piece if you're looking for something new for a night out. What I love about it is that I could I also see myself wearing it more casually for a daytime occasion when you want to dress up your denims. Mustard is such a hot colour for Autumn/Winter and I really like that this dress is a more muted shade of mustard than what we imagine when we think of the colour. Zara have actually labelled this colour 'curry'.....I think curry kinda puts you off so we'll just call it muted mustard what do you think?

The embellished neckline is just divine, earrings and a ring are all the accessories that are needed. And I do like a long sleeve every now and then!

Embroidered tulle dress €29.95 from Zara......Buy Here

Embroidered tulle dress €29.95 from Zara......Buy Here


Embroidered tulle dress €29.95 from Zara......Buy Here

Chain link earrings with pompom €9.95 from Zara......Buy Here

Chain link earrings with pompom €9.95 from Zara......Buy Here
Black jewel embellished mules €67 River Island......Buy Here

Black floral embroidered beaded clutch bag €29.99 from New Look......Buy Here
Black jewel embellished mules €67 River Island......Buy Here


Black block heel gold trim ankle boot €65 from River Island......Buy Here

Black block heel gold trim ankle boot €65 from River Island......Buy Here

Black leather fringed cross body bag €80 from River Island......Buy Here

Black leather fringed cross body bag €80 from River Island......Buy Here

Open triangle drop earrings €10.81 from ASOS......Buy Here
Open triangle drop earrings €10.81 from ASOS......Buy Here

Hope you enjoyed my post ladies! Which is your favourite look? If you're still craving more styling inspiration then have a look at my recent post where I found some stunning ways to wear your denims 
As always if there is anything you would like me to feature or if you would like any personal style tips please contact me on

Happy Shopping!!
Elaine xx

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Three Stylish Ways to Wear your Denims

Denims you are adored!! I literally wear mine everyday, the only time I give them a break is for a night out or an occasion when I will tend to choose a dress. I'm confident in making the assumption that like me you also live in your denims. 

The idea, when denim was created, was to come up with a fabric that was hard-wearing for working hard in....well my denims definately work hard for me (although I get the feeling it should be me working hard not my denims....nah that can't be right) The word Denim comes from Nîmes in France where they were originally made - "De Nîmes”. It sounds very chic when you say it like that "de Nîmes”....Love it!

So for today's post I thought we could give our hard working denims a little treat by giving them a well deserved make over. I have put together 3 looks for your denims that are perfect for the new autumn season. 


Thursday, August 24, 2017

How to Accessorise a Print

I love that we have become more adventurous when it comes to dressing for an occasion, dresses are not the only outfit you'll see us ladies donning at a wedding for example. Jumpsuits, trouser suits and skirts are almost as popular a choice for dressy events. I feel that our budget is normally the driving factor for our outfit choice.....a dress tends to work out cheaper. Choosing a skirt means the added cost of purchasing a top. But now and then you'll come across a statement skirt that doesn't break the bank and that's exactly what I've found for you for today's blog post. 

The baroque print in this amazing skirt, which I found on ASOS, is stunning. What's really great about the print is the main colour is black making it easy to accessorise with items you have at home....we all have black shoes and if you don't have a big budget for your outfit, you won't need to purchase accessories. White is also a key featured colour, which means you can create a strong summer look for now and then you can wear it again with dark accessories for an autumn or winter occasion. What's even better about the colour combo is the striking orange hue, I love it. Simply adding a pair of earrings or a clutch that has a nod to the orange hue will really make the colour pop in the skirt!

Midi skirt in baroque €47.30 from ASOS......Buy Here

Friday, August 18, 2017

How to Accessorise One Dress Three Ways

I love nothing more, than having bought an outfit for an upcoming event, realising it's time to start accessorising it. Selecting jewellery and matching up a bag and shoes to my new outfit, is for me when the fun begins. It's most definitely a passion of mine which I've had since I was very young, a passion that I know not every lady shares. So this post is for any of my readers who have an occasion coming up and need some inspiration on how to have a little fun with accessorising your new outfit.

I stumbled upon this gorgeous navy panelled dress on ASOS last night. It's a fabulous dress, I love the structure of the bodice and top half of the skirt and then the fabric simply flows in a very feminine and glamorous tulle fabric. The dress is fun and girly at the same time being extremely glamorous and grown up. It is for me perfection. And as I'm always saying I really love navy it's so flattering on all skin tones and it's so easy to accessorise with any colour. Therefore I felt it was the perfect dress to create a few accessory looks for you to be inspired by.

Strapless panelled tulle dress in navy €101.35 from ASOS......Buy Here

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trophy Jackets your Denims will Love

My week away in Clare has come to an end, feeling a little lost and slightly sad today if I'm honest. I had such a fun holiday though and my social media followers will have seen a few pics during the week of what I got up to. Because we were away with a group of close family we had an excuse to go out for drinks most nights. It's only polite to be social! With this in mind, when packing I decided to keep my outfits casual and to include a few nice pieces to throw on with my denims for when we hit the pubs. The one piece that I'm really delighted I brought with me was my Zara embellished Jacket. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

How to add Glam to your Casuals

We spend so much time in our casual clothes that I thought I would dedicate today's post to them. I began thinking about my style and how I like to dress on an ordinary day and I realised that I love even my casuals to have a touch of glam about them. A great tip for achieving this is to always buy for the details and to purchase an item because you love it. Loving your clothes means they'll love you right back. They'll make sure you always look good because you'll feel good in them and that will radiate from the inside me!! So here are the details you need to look for to glam up your casuals.......

Detail 1 - Frills

Delivery of new season stock is well underway in all shops (including our Fashion Store at the Arboretum!) and you'll notice the transition from summery tops to gorgeous light knits. I think they are the perfect buy at the moment! Check out this fabulous knit which I bought today in River Island. Warning....You really need to like frills to wear this top!!! I'm thrilled with my purchase and better yet I had a gift voucher which my wonderful Mother-in-law gave me for my clothes Yippee!!!!!

Red knit frill front jumper €45 from River Island......Buy Here 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

My 6 Tips on How to slim your Tummy

Happy Saturday everyone!! I'm having a lovely lazy day, literally only got dressed at lunchtime! But isn't that what Saturday's off are for? My eldest son Dylan is home for the weekend (yippee!). I adore having both of my Sons together, so we're just hanging around for the day catching up with Dylan. We did manage to fit in a quick cuppa at my parents house.

Today's post is all about giving you lots of tips on how to slim your tummy. Our Tummy's are one of the main areas we all have issues with (whether it's warranted or not). Firstly you need to know that to slim an area of your body you must give it no attention and instead draw attention to other areas of your body. In order to ignore our tummy's we must avoid any detailing around the tummy area such as embellishments, buckles, bows and so on. Then draw attention to the parts of your body that you love and this is how.........

Tummy Tuck, Tip 1

Adding volume to your upper half, has a slimming effect on your tummy, hips and bum. This season it has never been easier to find tops that boast sleeves with volume. It is such a big trend right now and I'm delighted that it will continue through Autumn Winter. The volume on the sleeves broadens your shoulder making your tummy and waist look slimmer. It also draws attention away from your tummy area.

Linen shirt with bows €29.95 from Zara......Buy Here