Monday, June 26, 2017

The Shirt Dress, How to Wear it Three Ways

The shirt dress is such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe and versatile pieces are exactly what every wardrobe needs. I love wearing items in my wardrobe in different ways and creating different looks from my clothes. As I'm always saying, if you are splashing out on something new make sure that you have at least three items in your wardrobe that you can wear it with. Be excited about your new purchase and enjoy trying out different looks! 

The shirt dress is easy to wear and extremely flattering on all body shapes. Your waist can be easily defined by adding a belt (if it doesn't already come with one). The shape of the shirt dress will fall over your tummy and hips. You can wear it buttoned right up to the collar, you can add a nice neckpiece if you wish to dress it up. For a different look (or if you are heavier on top) leave some of the buttons open.

Floral Shirt Dress €59 from Oasis......Buy Here

Floral Shirt Dress €59 from Oasis......Buy Here

Look 1

To allow you get a dressy occasion from our floral shirt dress, smarten the dress up with a structured blazer. I've found a gorgeous dusky pink one. By simply adding a blazer you can create an outfit that's suitable for the office or an interview or any occasion that you wish to look a little smarter.

Hannah Workwear Blazer €85 from Oasis......Buy Here

Strap Details Watch in Rose Gold €45 from Oasis......Buy Here

Mandy Mule €40 from Oasis......Buy Here

Look 2

My next look for our floral shirt dress is to really dress it down and completely change it from a dress to a cover-up. For this look I am focusing on the colour blue in the print with a simple vest top that has lattice detail on the neckline. Wear this top with your favourite denims. Then leaving all the buttons open on the dress, layer it over the vest and denim outfit. Floral longline jackets and floral kimono's are a brilliant way to add a stylish update to your denims. This shirt dress is perfect for doing exactly that.

Blue Lattice Front Vest €9.99 from New Look......Buy Here

Blue Lattice Front Vest €9.99 from New Look......Buy Here

Blue Fray Hem Skinny Jeans €29.99 from New Look......Buy Here

Blue Fray Hem Skinny Jeans €29.99 from New Look......Buy Here

 Khaki Suedette Cork Block Heel Sandals €39.99 from New Look......Buy Here

 Khaki Suedette Cork Block Heel Sandals €39.99 from New Look......Buy Here

Look 3

My third look is another casual look. Again I have looked to the print for colour inspiration. I have already mixed in a pink jacket in our first look, a blue top in our second and now I'm focusing on the green in the dress. ASOS have this gorgeous khaki chunky cardigan which will add a lovely warm layer to this summery dress....perfect for our cooler days and also allowing you to transcend the dress into the autumn season. 

Styling Tip
You could consider playing around with a different belt for this look instead of the fabric matching print belt that comes with it. Maybe a leather tan belt or a khaki one. Try wearing the belt on the dress or over the cardigan.

Ultimate Chunky Cardigan €33.78 from ASOS......Buy Here

Doughnut bow Trainers €29.73 from ASOS......Buy Here

Styling Tip
A Khaki trench coat or a Khaki parka would be perfect substitutions for the chunky cardi (maybe you already have them in your wardrobe..bonus!). Plus don't be afraid to add leggings to this look!

For more outfit inspiration why not (if you haven't already) have a read of these recent posts;

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I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post and found it inspiring! As always if there is anything you would like me to feature or if you would like any personal style tips please contact me on

Happy Shopping!!

Friday, June 23, 2017

5 Ways to Wear Red

Red is a strong colour this season, but then I always find red to be a great summer colour. It works brilliantly with navy's and whites, and is terrific for adding a burst of colour to your favourite neutral pieces. I feel red is a colour that you won't tire of and you'll be content to keep in your wardrobe for years to come, unlike some of the other trending colours at the moment like yellow. Today I have put together my 5 must-have Red Pieces to add to your wardrobe.

No 1. The Statement Coat

I love a statement coat!! If you've been hanging around the house in a simple jeans and top and need to pop out somewhere, throwing on a statement coat instantly makes you look like you've gone to huge effort. I'm not one for saving things for 'good wear'. First I like to get an occasion out of something new and then I like to mix it in with my casual wardrobe, getting lots of wear out of every piece I own and getting value for money.

 Frilled Sleeve Coat Was €89.99 Now €59.99 from Zara......Buy Here

Monday, June 19, 2017

My Top 6 Summer Dresses

It's another gloriously sunny day here in Carlow. The heat is so intense I have to keep coming in out of it, we're just not used to it. Absolutely loving it though, everyone is in such good form! Plus I'm loving listening to the little girl next door splashing in the paddling pool with her friend, they're full of giggles and excitement. It's a long time since I filled a padding pool for mine. My two are 22 and 15 but I did get to fill the bath for my youngest this morning. One day soon, that'll stop too. A huge part of me wants to pause the clock and rewind but a bigger part of me is enjoying watching my boys grow into men that I'm beyond proud of.

Got a little side tracked there (kids will do that to you) Anywho, today I've just been hanging around the house trying to enjoy some sunshine, as I was working the last two days. I pulled out a sundress that I bought in Penneys I think 2 years ago. We all have summer pieces that we pull out every summer and are filed under the category 'just for wearing in the garden'. Well this dress is one of those. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Navy, White and Blue, Summers Faithful Colour Combination

Happy Saturday guys!! Hope you're planning on enjoying some sunshine and relaxation or better yet some retail therapy. Earlier this week I was browsing through and drooling over designer looks for Spring Summer 2017, and I shared the following pic on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Agnona Spring/Summer 2017 RTW British Vogue......See full collection here

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How to wear florals if you're not a girly girl

Who said you can't get your blossom on if you're not a girly girl? Floral prints have really bloomed this summer, making it hard not to add some flowers to your style. Florals don't have to mean pretty and girly, you can still have an edgy attitude to your style while delving into the floral madness.

The easiest way to pick a bloom that's not going to look like you're off to an afternoon tea party, is to go for a dark colour. Surprisingly enough there seems to be a huge choice of black florals at the moment. I decided I'd tempt you with a khaki coloured dress instead, really liking khaki right now. I'm wearing my River Island khaki boots to death!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How to add warm layers to your Summer Style

Hello there lovelies!! Last week I featured a post on some cheap and cheerful tops to top-up your wardrobe (you can read said post here). It got me thinking, it's great picking up a few new tops but when it comes to wearing them casually everyday we need to have layers to match. I love looking at other bloggers outfit posts on instagram, everything looks so summery and fresh but in reality we need a few neutral warm layers to add to these looks. And that's what this post is going to be all about, adding warm layers to your Summer Style.

You are going to love my first find as it's very similar to one of my fave jackets. I bought a pink cord Kookai jacket, I think about 12/13 years ago....really!! I wore it regularly at the time but I have to admit it then went to the back of my wardrobe for a number of years. I'm so glad I didn't throw it out, I was putting together a couple of looks to wear to Castlepalooza festival 2016, I tried it on and fell in love with it all over again. Through back to me wearing my jacket at the festival....

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Night Styling, How to wear Navy

Hope you're all having a lovely and relaxing Saturday. I'm taking it easy today as I was out last night at a gig in Carpe Diem, Carlow. My brother-in-laws band were playing and they were unreal. Nothing beats live music on a night out, it's always guaranteed to be a brilliant night. Carlow Arts Festival is on this weekend so I'm hoping, if I can stay awake, to go to an acrobatic outdoor show with fireworks tonight. After this post I'll need to to plan a warm layered outfit to wear.

Last night I wore a navy dress that I have about 4 years and I love it just as much now as I did when I bought it in A|wear all those years ago. It got me thinking about the neutral colour navy. I really don't think navy gets enough credit. Personally I love encouraging people to wear navy. This classic hue is one of the best neutrals, it's up there with black. Navy is softer on our skin tone than black and simply has an elegant timeless quality. I really don't believe I'll ever tire of this dress.