Wardrobe Restyle

The majority of women really do believe that they have nothing to wear and the main cause of this is having too many unwearable clothes in your wardrobe. Most wardrobes are overflowing with items that don’t fit, items that need altering, items you have nothing to match. You spend your life wearing the same clothes over and over again because they’re the items at the front of you wardrobe and the only items you can see.

After a Lainey Style Wardrobe Organisation, I promise never again will you scream at your wardrobe that you’ve nothing to wear. No longer will you get that fear ‘but what will I wear?’ when you’re invited somewhere.

~ Reorganise your Wardrobe
~ Know what's in your Wardrobe
~ How to Shop your Wardrobe
~ How to Shop for your Wardrobe
~ Dress to flatter your Body Shape
~ Discover what colours compliment you
~ Create a Shopping List

Price: €50 per hour minimum of 2 hours
(travel expenses may apply)

To book or make an enquiry email Elaine on laineystyle@gmail.com
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