Welcome to the newest addition to my blog where I will share my Online Window Shopping finds.

Here are the items that have caught my eye so far this month......

Happy Shopping!!
Elaine xx

Thursday's Treasure

(8th June 2017)

Guys I'm doing everything I can to inspire the sun to shine again. This heavy rainfall is getting us all down. It's exam season....the sun should be splitting the skies! Yesterdays blog on beachwear doesn't seem to have worked so now I'm hoping if we all have sunny thoughts the sun will truly be inspired. 

Love this notebook from ASOS, I have a weakness for notebooks right now and at €6.74 this one won't break the bank.

Ohh Deer Sunny Thoughts Notebook from ASOS......Buy Here


Friday's Luxury Find
(2nd June 2017)

Rings, I simply have a thing for them and if I'm not wearing one, my hand feels naked. It's funny how your fingers get used to having rings on them and it just doesn't feel right without one. Hence Friday's Luxury Find is a stunning ring and it is from Irish jewellery brand Juvi Designs. I've been following them on Instagram for a while now and adore their pieces. The 'Atoll' ring is €119 and is available in 18kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver.

Atoll Ring €119 from Juvi Designs......Buy Here


Tuesday's Trend
(30th May 2017)

Today's 'Tuesday's Trend' is Pink......he colour pink is huge this season. However, what we're seeing a lot of is pale pink or pastel pinks and as fab is it looks on the catwalks and on models, pasty pink does absolutely nothing for my colouring. Ladies with blonde/fair hair and fair skin look terrific in pale pinks. For us ladies with darker hair and darker skin tones a stronger pink works better. When it comes to trends, they are brilliant for inspiring your next purchase, but remember to always ask yourself will it enhance my features. Just because everyone else is wearing the trend does not mean it's for you! Pick and choose wisely what trends to buy into and don't be afraid to adapt them to suit you and your style.

Coat with frilled cuffs €69.99 from Zara......Buy Here


Friday's Luxury Find
(26th May 2017)

Ooooh look what I found on Brown Thomas! I seem to have an unexplainable attraction to pom poms. Ladies just look at the pom pom on these beauts it looks so luxurious, soft and expensive I love it. Better yet the heel has tasteful bling and as you know this summer I have fallen for anything metallic and adore the subtle shinyness of these heels. As this is my Friday's Luxury Find the price tag (€145) is higher than most items I blog about but it is still attainable.



Thursday's Treasure
(25th May 2017)

Thursday's Treasure; Ladies check out Rock N Rose jewellery on ASOS. The collection comprises of gold plated semi precious birth stone charm rings, Life Path number sterling silver chains and lots more gorgeousness. My Life Path number is - 1 'The Independent' - happy with that. What number are you?


Friday's Luxury Finds
(19th May 2017)

Dolce & Gabbana Cat Eye Sunglasses with 3D Floral Details ASOS €382.42 Buy Here

 Emporio Armani Sunglasses ASOS €137.16......Buy Here

Michael Kors Square Sunglasses ASOS €118.91......Buy Here