Thursday, August 9, 2018

How to Make Holiday Packing Easy

There's nothing quite like the thoughts of packing your suitcase for ruining your holiday buzz. So what do you do? You leave filling your suitcase til the very last minute because you just can't face it. This of course causes unneeded stress particularly when you've just said goodbye to everyone in work and you should be in laid back holiday mode. Not only does packing last minute ruin your mood but it also guarantees your suitcase will contain lots of random, tops, bottoms, shoes etc.. and at the back of your mind you're hoping when you arrive at your destination you'll be able to put together suitable outfits from all these random pieces. Am I right?

Well here's how to change all that and make holiday packing easier

Okay so these are my top things you can do prior to the actual task of packing that will help you become organised and eliminate holiday packing stress!

1. How will you spend your holiday?

Think about all the things you might do on your holiday
- Sit by the pool
- Bath on the beach
- Eat out at night
- Sight seeing
- Shopping etc...

2. Think in Outfits

With your list of 'things I'll be doing' think of the type of outfits that would be suitable for each occasion.

I am a big believer in packing outfits rather than packing lots of random individual pieces. Also when planning your outfits try to get two occasions from as many pieces as possible. Skirts and shorts are great for this as a simple top change instantly gives a completely new look. What I do is plan a few dressier pieces for eating out or night time and then think how I can re-style them more casually for a daytime look.

3. Set Aside

In the weeks/months leading up to your holiday, as you come across items in your wardrobe that you might bring on holidays set these pieces to one side of your wardrobe. If you have the space keep them on hangers - this will save you having to iron everything before packing. Having some outfits set aside helps hugely when it comes to the actual task of packing as you'll have everything in the one place ready to grab. I also have a second section either in a bottom drawer or on a shelf for items such as swimwear, beach towels, vest tops etc items that won't need ironing.


Footwear and cover-ups take up a lot of precious suitcase space so choose wisely! Make sure you can team each item with as many of your outfits as possible. Once you have chosen these items plan your travel outfit to incorporate your heaviest chunkiest pair of shoes and your heaviest chunkiest cover-up.

1. Footwear

1xpair of Neutral wedges - ideally a dressy yet comfy style, these will be your go to's for night time

1xpair of flips flops - poolside / beach go to's

1xpair of comfy flats - sightseeing, shopping go to's

2. Cover-ups

1xDenim jacket - or a neutral jacket. your go to for evening time if it gets cooler

2xCardigans - your go to layer for adding a little warmth

3. Accessories

A selection of earrings and rings - include some simple day styles and some statement night time pieces. Earrings and rings take up less space then statement neckpieces plus you have to think about tan lines! 

1 medium size handbag - this can be your travel bag, ensure it has a strap that's comfy to wear

1 crossbody bag - choose a neutral dressy style that can work for evening and day

1xBeachbag - before packing try your beach bag out for size to ensure it's roomy enough for everything you need during the day

1xSunhat - a hat is a must for protecting your hair and face! If you don't have space for one, tie it on to your handbag or buy one on your hols.

The above pics are all taken from my recent trip to Alvor in Portugal. What a stunning place it was my first time to go and I found it so relaxing and we were spoiled for choice when it came to eating out.


Happy Styling xx
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