Thursday, April 12, 2018

How to Look Stylish Everyday

Guys I've had loads of fun this morning playing around in my wardrobe....Again! Sure where else would you find me. For this weeks blog post I wanted to share with you some of my tricks for always looking Stylish. To demonstrate I picked out my favourite pair of jeans and paired it with a shirt. Then step by step I styled it up to turn a basic jeans and shirt look into a stylish outfit that will get you noticed for all the right reasons. 

Step 1 To give your simple jeans and top look a polished image and to give you some shape, Tuck In! If you are a little self conscience about your bum, just took in the front of your shirt, it will still have the same visual effect. If you are conscience of your tummy, the after you tuck in, pull it out a little so your top isn't clinging to your tummy. I would also recommend adding a belt, this will give your denims a dressier finish.

Step 2 Avoid having lots of scrunched up fabric at the hem of your jeans, it just looks too casual and thrown together. It can also make your legs look shorter. To fix this Roll Up! the hem of your jeans. This gives your jeans a more polished, stylish look, plus it gives the impression that you have thought about your look and put an outfit together rather than throwing on your clothes without any care.

Step 3 My favourite way to ensure that your outfit looks 'styled' and put together is to Add Jewellery! I don't go anywhere without my earrings and a ring....seriously....nowhere! I also love wearing bracelets but I spend a lot of time on my laptop and bracelets are way too annoying when typing. So I save my bracelets for nights out or occasion wear. A little tip to remember is to never wear more than 3 types of jewellery at a time. Necklace, Earrings, Ring, Bracelet all worn together is way too much....always remove at least one item if not two.

Step 4 I love wearing makeup, I just don't feel dressed without it. Before leaving the house I will always Pop on a bit of Lippy! or at the very least a quick swipe of lipgloss. Check out the difference below. It instantly adds colour to your outfit and brightens up your face. 

Step 5 it's very seldom we can go anywhere without the addition of a Stylish Cover-up! Okay so my must have cover-ups, to suit any outfit or occasion, are a longline cardigan (shown below), blazer (begin with having neutral styles in your wardrobe and then add print and colour styles), faux fur (adds instant glamour to any outfit), Pleather Jacket and a neutral jacket with a hood (for those rainy days).

Step 6 Anyone who knows me knows I love scarves just as much as I love jewellery. Which means my next tip it to Accessorise with a Scarf! Even in the Summer scarves are a must with our weather! So it's worth putting thought into building your scarf collection. Block colours are great as they will work if you are wearing outfits with print. Then print scarves are fantastic for adding interest and fun to a block coloured outfit. So it's good to have a mix of both in your wardrobe. Scarves are brilliant as wraps for occasion wear. I bought this particular scarf to wear as a wrap over a dress for a wedding and now I wear it as a casual scarf.

Step 7 I never leave the house without a handbag. But for this step I want you to accessorise with a Structured Bag! Slouchy bags look casual whereas a bag with structure will add a classy stylish image to your outfit. Having said that slouchy bags do have a place in your wardrobe also. I own just one large slouchy bag that I bought a couple of years ago for holidays. It's easier for throwing lots in and for throwing around on airplanes. A structured bag needs a little extra care so it doesn't get damaged and loose it's shape.

So there you have it my 6 Steps to turning even the most casual outfit into a Stylish put together outfit. I hoped you enjoyed my post and picked up a few tips and tricks. 

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Happy Styling!
Elaine xx
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