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What to Wear if you have Curvy Hips

Knowing what Body Shape you are can be mind numbing for most and I'm a firm believer in not over complicating things! I'm all for making life easier and feeling good about yourself and going out there and having fun..Live your Life Ladies! Okay so you may not know what Body Shape you are but you sure as hell know what you don't like about your body, am I right? We're all experts when it comes to our body dislikes. The trick is to distract attention from the areas you don't like. You don't like this part of your body so you don't want this part of your body getting any attention. For example if you don't like your broad shoulders then avoid tops, jackets etc with shoulder embellishment, or added frills, keep it simple, don't wear anything that draws attention to your shoulders.

For today's post I'm focusing on tips for all you ladies out there that hate their hips. Curvy hips is actually one of the most common body dislikes, particularly in Ireland. Ladies it's good to remember that people spend most of their time looking at our upper half. The only times your hips will get checked out is when you are walking to someone and walking away from someone. So focus your attention on making a statement with your tops, jackets and accessories.

I have put together some styles that will help you slim your hips

The Wide Leg Trouser

The Wide leg trouser is back with a bang this season. As a Wardrobe & Fashion Stylist my focus is to encourage you to buy what suits your body not what's on trend. Having said that if something is on trend and it suits your body then it makes it all the easier to find that particular style as it will be in every shop! 

Wide Leg Trousers in Navy €25.95 from Zara

Wide Leg Trousers with Turn-up Hem €49.95 from Zara
The Jumpsuit below is a brilliant style as it has wide legs but also it has beautiful frill detailing at the shoulders, balancing out your curvy hips. This jumpsuit from Oasis is available as shown here in pink and black but also in Orange.

Frill Sleeve Jumpsuit €80 from Oasis. Also available in Orange

The Flared Trouser

The flared trouser kicks out slightly at the ends and will bring balance to your hips. I like this cropped style as it feels more suitable for the spring summer season.

Lainey-Style-Flared-Trousers-Zara €39.95

Striped Tee

Horizontal stripes on a top will visibly make your lower half look smaller. Just make sure you never wear horizontal stripes on your lower half as this will instantly increase the width of your hips. If choosing a stripey print for the lower half go for vertical stripes (stripes that go downwards not across your body).

Stripe Tie Sleeve Tee €38 from Oasis

Shoulder Details

Adding volume or statement detailing to your shoulders will visually make your hips look narrower. This bardot top from Oasis is a perfect example! You can also try tops that have frills on the shoulders, embellishment on the shoulders, ruched detailing on the shoulders, anything that adds slight volume to your shoulders or anything that attracts the attention to your shoulders will magically help your hips to slim down!

Embroidered Bardot Top €40 from Oasis

Statement Jackets

Statement jackets will have the very same effect as a statement top! All the attention is being pulled away from your hips and the detailing is making your hips look slimmer. I love this fringe jacket from River Island, it also comes in a gorgeous burgundy and fabulous orange. There are lots of embellished styles out there at the moment, sequin and embroidered details, you'll be spoiled for choice. Be mindful when choosing your jackets, you don't want the hem of the jacket to sit right at the widest part of your hips or this will make them look wider....not what you want. Either choose a shorter style that hits your waist or go for a longer style that sits just past the widest part of your hips.

Yellow Faux Suede Fringe Jacket €95 from River Island. Also available in Burgundy, Orange and Cream

The Shift Dress

The Shift dress is one of the most flattering styles you can wear. It's fitted at the waist and then ever so subtly widens so as not to cling to your hips. A-line is another way of describing this silhouette and is a popular skirt shape also.

Fitzwilliam Dress €60 from Oasis

What I love about Oasis is they offer different lengths in their dresses. You know when you come across a dress and you think it's just fab but then you realise it's a lot shorter than you're comfortable with...oh the disappointment. Well with Oasis many of their dresses have different length options - short or long - and I think it's just fab to have that choice. 

The below dress is a brilliant, like the top above the bardot shoulders have a terrific slimming effect on the hips and it's such a summery look. The 3/4 sleeve with frill detail will also draw the eye to your waist, bonus! And the skirt flows softly over your curvy hips without adding volume or clinging to them either.

Jacquard Shift Dress €124 from Oasis


Accessories are your key tool for attracting attention and at the same time distracting attention away from your hips. A scarf is one of the most pocket friendly ways of adding a stylish statement, a pop of colour, or an eye catching print to your outfit. 

Fitzwilliam Print Scarf €21 from Oasis

Chunky Footwear

If you are wearing skinny jeans a great way to slim down your curvy hips is to choose chunky heeled footwear. Replace your skinny narrow heels with block heels or wedges. 
Anna Espadrille Wedges €34.95 from iclothing

Slimming Swimwear

Whether you're planning a sun holiday or a day at the spa the last thing you want to feel is uncomfortable in your swimwear. No matter what your shape and size we all get that insecure feeling when it comes to parading around in next to nothing. So choose your swimwear wisely. I love that swimsuits are having a moment right now they just give you that extra bit of coverage! I chose the below style for you curvy hipped ladies as all the attention will be drawn upwards to the printed bodice. Also it's not cut too high at the leg giving you extra coverage when it's needed.

Aymee Floral Swimsuit €50 from Oasis

I hope you enjoyed my post and picked up some useful tips. For daily Style Inspiration and Tips follow me on Facebook here -

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Happy Shopping!!
Elaine xx

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