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Wardrobe Storage and Display Ideas

Having a spare room in my home, means that I am one lucky lady as I get to have it all to myself and use it as my Walk-in-Wardrobe! What girl doesn't dream of having a room full of clothes and pretty displays of accessories. I am a firm believer that if you can see it you will wear it. Having your wardrobe crammed with unnecessary amounts of clothing means you will wear very little of it. That's why I like to keep my wardrobe minimal and love being able to display my clothes and accessories. The only things my room is missing are brighter lighting and a Large wall mirror, apart from that I love how my dressing room looks and most importantly works for me!!

On Saturday I was in Woodies in Carlow and spotted some cube shelf units (raging I didn't take some pics at the time) and I thought this would work perfectly for organising your shoes and bags as they very similar to the unit I use. My unit was an old piece of kids furniture, originally it had coloured fabric drawers in each cubie hole. Over the years they got very worn - more than likely from over stuffing with toys! So I threw out the drawers and gave the unit a new purpose in my Walk-In-Wardrobe. Having an individual area for each pair of shoes means they don't get thrown around the place and also you can clearly see what you have when you're putting together outfits.

Liz Stackable 4 Cube Unit Was €39.99 Now €20 from Woodies......Buy Here
Liz Stackable 6 Cube Unit Was €49.99 Now €25 from Woodies......Buy Here
Liz Stackable 8 Cube Unit Was €64.99 Now €32.50 from Woodies......Buy Here

Finding these pieces in Woodies at the weekend inspired me to do a little online window shopping for more storage/display ideas for your clothes and accessories. I have another unit which I use for displaying handbags, scarves and more shoes, it was previously used as a book shelf and now has a much more quirky use. So my first task was to find something similar to this that you could use.

Sticking with Woodies again for this one I spotted two shelving units that would work perfectly for your bags and accessories doing the same job as mine.

Sorrento Cube Shelf Unit Woodies Was €200 Now €100......Buy HereSorrento Corner Unit Woodies Was €100 Now €50.....Buy Here

The majority of my clothes are organised on clothes rails. I originally bought these rails in Argos for photoshoots that I was styling and have in recent years been using them for my own clothes. As you can see the rails can hold a substantial amount of clothing, I think they are fantastic! I do have a wardrobe in this room, but really only use it for my cardigans and for books and magazines. Because the inside of the wardrobe is very dark, I tend not to use it for items that I wear all the time. I keep meaning to pick up some lights to put in it....eventually. Anyway I popped onto and they still stock the very same rails, can you believe it? They are €12.99 each or 2 for €20.....Bargain!!! They are available in grey, black or pink.

I spotted this gorgeous rail (right image in below pic) on Argos also, it's much prettier than mine and is reduced to €34.99. If you are sticking to a tight budget then the €12.99 one like mine is perfect. As I said it does the job and I've had mine for around 10 years. From what I can remember I think I paid €21.99 so they've come down in price considerably.
Clothes Rail (Left) Argos €12.99 or 2 for €20 from Argos......Buy Here
Foldable Clothes Rail (Right) Was €59.99 Now €34.99 from Argos......Buy Here

Another piece I love in my dressing room is my Jewellery Cabinet. I bought this years ago in Allens in Carlow, they weren't as easy to find back then but now you'll see them in lots of stores. I was in The Range in Carlow on Friday and noticed that they had one with a storage area at the back and I thought that was quiet a handy feature. You could put some beauty products at the back or some clutches or even more jewellery.

Jewellery Cabinet from The Range......Buy Here

During my online window shopping I popped onto Ikea and found a few nice storage ideas. What I particularly like about these finds, apart from their fab storage benefits, is the hard to beat price tags!

Dresser Mirror €12 from Ikea......Buy Here

If you need a table top mirror, then this one is fantastic for just €12. I love that it has a tray underneath to keep your favourite pieces of jewellery. You'll never leave the house again without a little bit of accessorising!

Raggisar tray dark grey €10 from Ikea......Buy Here
Organiser trays or drawer dividers are brilliant for organising your jewellery. I have a few in one of my big drawers and it's brilliant for helping you keep everything in it's place and also for seeing exactly what you have when it comes to adding finishing touches to an outfit. The picture above is a grey tray from Ikea and the below picture is the same tray but gives you a better idea of how you could make use of it.

Raggisar tray dark grey €10 from Ikea......Buy Here

My next find is a hanger with lots of handy handing circles - I think this is the perfect way to organise your scarves! Hanging them will minimise creases and is an easy way to clearly see your scarf options when layering your looks.

Multi Use Hanger €4 from Ikea......Buy Here

Multi Use Hanger €4 from Ikea......Buy Here

I hope you found my post inspiring. Next time I'm in Ikea I'm definitely picking up the Scarf Hanger! 

Have you time for a little more wardrobe inspiration? Last month I put together a tour of my Walk-in-Wardrobe and it's up on my YouTube Channel you can watch it here

Happy Shopping
Elaine xx
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