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Slim and Lengthen your Legs in 6 Steps

Zara Autumn Winter 2017 Campaign

Clothes are amazing at tricking the eye of the onlooker. With clever detailing and placement you can decide what you want people to notice (while at the same time ignoring what you don't want them to focus on). That is the key to dressing to flatter your body, down play what you don't like and add all the fluff and sparkles to the areas you wish to get all the attention.

In this post I'm focusing on the do's and don'ts for ladies who have short legs and wish they were longer and slimmer. So who wants to learn a few tips and tricks to slim and lengthen your pins without having to break into a sweat?? Who doesn't!! 

Zara Autumn Winter 2017 Campaign


Always opt for tights in a Matt Finish. Dark colour tights have a slimming effect on your legs, as does wearing dark colours on any part of your body. But do avoid wearing tights with a shiny finish and that also goes for trousers, avoid wearing shiny fabrics. Shiny fabrics and finishes will widen the look of your leg and that is not our goal here!

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High heels, it goes without saying, will lengthen the look of your leg and they also have that magic mood enhancer that make you stand straighter and more confidently, now that can't be a bad thing, right? I do recommend steering clear of wearing shoes with an ankle strap though. Straps around your ankle will chop off your leg!

Choose Pointy toes when shopping for shoes and boots. The point on the toe will elongate your foot and are far more flattering than rounded toes.

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Another great way to lengthen your legs with the help of your footwear, is to match the colour of your shoes to your trousers. They don't have to be exactly the same tone of colour, for example you could be wearing a grey trousers and the shoes are a slightly lighter colour grey or a slightly darker colour grey.

Look from Zara

Nude shoes are brilliant for adding extensions to your legs when wearing a skirt or dress. They are also terrific for matching everything!

Trousers / Jeans

When is comes to buying jeans look for dark wash and try avoid jeans that have faded patches, as these can make your legs look wider. Plain and dark! For the waist of your jeans choose mid-rise or high-rise as the long waist will add inches to the look of your legs...happy days!

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Ensure that the leg of your jeans fit you properly. Having bunched up fabric around your ankles will not have the desired effect. It is definitely worth finding a local tailor that's good at what they do and good value too. Sometimes it can be hard to find clothes on the high street that are just right for you so don't be afraid to buy something that you've fallen in love with that may not be a perfect fit. Tailors can easily size items down and tailor to your body.

I would always recommend shorter leg ladies to avoid cropped style trousers. They chop your legs off, particularly wide leg styles. You can however get away with slim leg cropped trousers if you team with boots in the same colour and that are long enough to fit under the trouser leg

Wide Leg Trousers are amazing at adding length to your legs. Go for lengths that literally hit your shoes, too short and you'll get that cropped like effect and too long will look sloppy. If you are petite in frame, make note, don't swamp your figure in a leg that's too wide. Take them time to find a width that works with your frame.

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Skirts & Dresses

To lengthen your lovely legs always choose skirts and dresses with a hem line that sits at or above your knee. Showing off as much leg as you feel comfortable with.

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A Jumpsuit in an all over colour or an all over print will elongate your entire figure ladies. I love this navy jumpsuit form Lennon Courtney at Dunnes Stores and take note it have been styled with navy pointed toe shoes perfect for drawing the onlookers eye from head to toe in one long sweep!

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For Jackets choose short styles that won't cover up the tops of your legs. Of course when it comes to warm outerwear you can choose longer styles but always stick to styles that at above or to your knee. 

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Style Tip

Tuck in your tops. Avoid wearing long length tops hanging out over your trousers, jeans or skirts as they will cut off your legs. Instead tuck your tops into your mid rise / high waist letting your legs go on for miles. This image shows you the effect perfectly as the top is left out on one side, so it's easy to see the difference it makes. Every inch counts ladies!

Look from Zara

I hope you enjoyed today's post and have picked up lots of tips. Please as always contact me with any of your Style Dilemmas or suggestions of topics you'd like to see me cover on or 0868206850

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Happy Shopping!!
Elaine xx
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