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How to Shop for Clothes

Don't enjoy clothes Shopping? You are not alone. Well listen up cause I have all the trips and tricks to teach you how to shop for clothes. You too can shop like a pro, I promise!

Tommy Hilfiger SS18 Womenswear collection


Buying Items that don't sit with your existing Wardrobe

Overwhelmed as soon as you enter a shop

Impulse Purchases

Panic buying for occasions


Know what's in your Wardrobe

Be Inspired

Learn from Previous Purchases

Shop your Colours

The Shopping List

Stay Focused

Love what you Buy

Tommy Hilfiger SS18 Womenswear collection

Know what's in your Wardrobe Knowing what you have in your wardrobe means every time you go shopping you'll know what you have at home to wear with your possible new purchase. There's nothing worse than arriving home with something new only to realise that you have nothing that matches it. Now you have to hit the shops again and spend more money on something to team with it. Keep your wardrobe as organised as you can. I like to hang my clothes in their categories - all my tops and shirts together, all my dresses together, all my jackets together, all my cardigans together etc.... It makes putting together outfits so much easier. Plus it's easier to see what you have, what you have too much of and what might be lacking.

Tommy Hilfiger SS18 Womenswear collection

Be Inspired If you have an upcoming event that you need an outfit for or maybe you would just like to treat yourself to a new season piece - have a browse on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or your favourite Blog or magazine and get some inspiration for your purchase. Having an idea of what you might like to buy whether it be a style of dress, a particular colour or a trendy accessory will guide you as to where would be the best place to shop for what you are looking for. It will also give you something to look for and focus on. Walking into shops without any kind of plan has an overwhelming effect and you'll end up giving up without even trying. Most shops stock everything you need to dress you from head to foot. But if you are looking for a dress then just look at the dresses, don't rummage through every rail, you'll be exhausted after just one shop. Maybe you do need an entire outfit from head to toe, but start with the main part of your look first, accessories can come after. Also be inspired by the mannequins and displays in your favourite shops. They show you firstly what's new in and secondly how to style a complete look professionally.

Tommy Hilfiger SS18 Womenswear collection

Learn from Previous Purchases I find it a brilliant learning experience to look at your previous purchases and question why you love it or why you should never have bought it. That dress that you always turn to because you feel so good in it, what are the details that make this dress look and feel so good? Is it the waistline, the neckline, the length, the sleeves, the colour?? Write it down, these are the qualities you want to look for in your next purchase. Take out the pieces in your wardrobe that you don't wear and won't wear, you probably keep them just because you feel guilty getting rid of it as you spent good money on it. But you aren't wearing it because you just don't feel good in it. Ok so what is it that you dislike about this coat for example, is it the colour, is it the length, is it they way the buttons sit?? Write it down, these details are the details you are to run from on your next shopping trip.

Tommy Hilfiger SS18 Womenswear collection

Shop your Colours Only buying the colours that suit your complexion really narrow down your choices in shops which means you instantly become a faster shopper and don't waste time on items that won't suit you. And this is the big advantage - Everything in your wardrobe will coordinate - just imagine how pleasurable that would be!! Wearing the colours that suit you means you will always look good plus you will look younger and fresher. Everyone can wear every colour but it's the tone or shade of each colour that you need to watch out for. The colour types are Warm, Light, Deep, Bright and Muted. Many of us are already aware of what suits us but haven't consciously made note of it. Make sure you pay close attention to the effect colours have on your face before you select. Determining your colours is a whole other post and one I will write over the next week or two, so keep an eye out for it.

The Shopping List Look at what's hanging in your wardrobe, do you keep buying the same style of top but in different colours, do you have a selection of cardigans all in the same colour, do you have more then enough black dresses. Write little notes to yourself in your phone - do not buy another black dress, no more purple cardigans please etc.. Also look at things that are hanging in your wardrobe that you'd love to get more wear out of. Ask yourself why are you not wearing it, is it because you need a blazer to wear with it, or shoes to match, or something to layer underneath? Write a list of all the things you need to help you wear your clothes more. Buying things from your Shopping List gives you such pleasure because when you bring your new purchase home you instantly have new outfit options.

Tommy Hilfiger SS18 Womenswear collection

Stay Focused Okay so you've done all your homework and the day of your shopping trip has arrived. Have your notes and shopping list on your phone and have a glance over them. Then remember when you are in each shop to not get distracted or side tracked. You're only human it's easy to get distracted by a bit of bling for example or a striking print - have a quick drool and then back to what you are looking for. Don't let friends put you off. Most people have that one friends who's opinion they trust and that's perfect. But bringing a gang with you shopping means you have everyone's opinion to listen to and too many people to please. You'll either go home with a purchase you didn't really want or you'll go home empty handed!

Tommy Hilfiger SS18 Womenswear collection
Love what you Buy Finally before making any purchase try it on. If you don't have the time and you really love it then bring it home but only if you know you can return for a full refund after you've tried it on at home. Most importantly only buy items that you love and that you feel fabulous in. Don't buy things just for the sake of it or because it looks good on your friend or because the price is saying you can't leave it behind. You will not grow to love your clothes so always buy your clothes because you love them and you feel good in them.

Hopefully you have found my tips and tricks helpful and are excited about changing how you shop. I practice what I preach and guarantee that these tips work. I have a small wardrobe but I wear my wardrobe and get great pleasure from it.

If you have any questions or style dilemmas please get in touch or contact me on Facebook

Happy Shopping
Elaine xx
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