Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Cover-Ups

It's Friday but I don't have that Friday feeling, actually I'm feeling crap, sore throat fluey head just meh....yuk!! You know when you're feeling fluey all you want are feet up, cozy blankets and hot drinks. But this painful throat is stopping me from enjoying lots of hot drinks. Thank god for online shops to browse, it's the only thing cheering me up. Ooh as I was typing that I just received another reason to cheer email with links to all my logo artwork. How exciting is that!!! I get to order my business cards and stationery today yippee - it's a very Happy Friday after all. Cannot wait to share it with you all very soon.

If you're heading out to the shops this weekend my most important tip is to make a shopping list!! You would never dream of doing the food shop without at least knowing what you need, would you? So why do we hit the clothes shops without a plan. Think about it, if you walk into an overflowing clothes shop with the thought that you need everything you won't know what to look for and will very quickly get frustrated. Ok so maybe you do need 'everything'. Then make your list however long it may be and then prioritise it! Plan to look for 2/3 things off your list at a time. Arriving home with 2/3 things that you need, that will help you wear your wardrobe more, will give you such a sense of achievement and pleasure. However if you go out without a plan the majority of you will arrive home with more of the same things you already have. I promise that's what will happen, you'll be drawn to a top that you have something similar to at home or you'll pick up yet another pair of shoes that you don't need. Trust me guys the shopping list works it really does!!

I've been sharing lots of Christmas party looks on my social media pages for the last two weeks. And today I have decided to pick out my favourite cover-ups for your Christmassy looks. Think about the kind of outfits you normally wear out and what cover-up would best suit your looks. Also think long term what cover-ups can I buy that I can pull out time and time again. Personally my go to jackets for my nights out are my black PU jacket, my black and white faux fur jacket, my sequin jacket and my wool overcoat. Whatever you buy needs to work with your wardrobe not just for this Christmas but long-term. Here are my finds, I hope something catches your eye!!

White two tone faux fur jacket €59.99 from New Look Buy Here
Also available in Black

White two tone faux fur jacket €59.99 from New Look Buy Here
Also available in Black
Ann Long blazer in red €69.95 from iclothing Buy Here
Available in more colours

Ann Long blazer in red €69.95 from iclothing Buy Here
Available in more colours
Black tie waist jacket €48 from Next Buy Here

Black tie waist jacket €48 from Next Buy Here
Cream faux fur collar belted robe coat €120 from River Island Buy Here

Cream faux fur collar belted robe coat €120 from River Island Buy Here

Velvet jacket €89.95 from Zara Buy Here

Velvet jacket €89.95 from Zara Buy Here

Well that's all my favourite finds, I hope something caught your eye. Have you checked out my YouTube Channel yet? Please hit subscribe if you'd like to get notifications everytime I post a new video 

As always if there is anything you would like me to feature or if you would like to find out more about my personal styling services please contact me on or 0868206850

Have a fabulous weekend ladies!!

Happy Shopping!!
Elaine xx
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