Saturday, April 29, 2017

Relax and Unwind at Doolin Hotel

Guys I'm literally just in the door from a fabulous night away in Doolin, Co. Clare. Oh my god we had such a relaxing and fun time. I loved the hotel we stayed in so much that I had to share it on my blog straight away. This wasn't my first time in Doolin, I was there for a night last year when we stayed in a lovely hostel. While walking to a local pub we noticed a wedding party going into the only hotel in Doolin and I thought if someone chooses this hotel for their wedding venue, then there must be something special about the place. So for yesterdays trip to Doolin I decided to try out Hotel Doolin, it cost €140 for a double room including breakfast. From the outside the Hotel doesn't look like much, the exterior gives nothing away about the stunning interior. The lady on reception was lovely and showed us up to our room. When she opened the door for us and I walked in I was taken a back and really pleasantly surprised by the room's not often that happens when I enter a hotel room. The majority of hotel rooms look very similar and are styled in bland hues with no character, this room was completely different, it was bright and quirky and the attention to detail made it stand out for all the right reasons. I always find when the room I'm staying in is clean, spacious and cheery I instantly unwind and am guaranteed a relaxing stay.

 A view of the reception area from the first floor

Throughout the hotel there are lots of cozy little corners for relaxing in. This is also part of the reception area

Another one of their cozy corners

....and another one. How amazing is this lamp?

The hubby loved this chair. That's another feature I love in a hotel room, a comfy space for sitting and enjoying a drink or having some quality time with a nice box of chocolates 

It's all about the detail 

Even the lockers were of bubbly not included ;-)

 Complimentary Chocolates what a lovely little touch, even better when himself lets you eat both

A cozy hot water bottle with a framed note on how to make yourself at home....Love it!

 This is the only pic I have of the bathroom but my favourite thing was the Voya hand soap, it was lime and manderin and smelled absolutely divine....I'm definitely going to pick some up for our bathroom

 Quick Selfie sure why not

Matching my nails to my shoes

The hotel was preparing for a wedding at the weekend and I couldn't resist a little nose's a stunning venue for a wedding or vow renewals (hint hint). Apparently most weddings there take over the entire hotel....sounds perfect!

 The hotel has a large marque which is a permanent fixture

Seriously feeling the love for Doolin Hotel cannot wait to go back again, next time I am definitely going for more than one night.

Happy Holidays!!
Elaine xx
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