Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Our Photography Wall

My New Years resolution for 2017 was to be more creative and spend more time doing the things I love. A few years back I used to spend all my spare time blogging and making jewellery and I loved it!! Like most, January was normally a month for the usual resolutions....stay off the booze and cut out goodies. By mid January this year I was feeling annoyed that I hadn't done my usual health kick. But now two months later I feel like I've achieved something by making a change that doesn't just last one month of the year. If you're reading this you will have noticed I'm back blogging and can't believe I had forgotten how much I actually enjoy it. Having said that I'm not where I want to be with my blog just yet as my laptop decided to play dead just as I was in the middle of my first post. So at the moment I'm stealing quick moments on the hubbies work laptop. I want my blog to be full of outfit inspiration but I don't have the apps I like to use for capturing images and creating mood boards and can't obviously add them to hubbies laptop. Anyway with a little more patience I will be back working on my own laptop very soon.
For the creative side of my resolution (not that blogging isn't being creative) I decided for now to focus on adding personal touches to our home. I love our home but the decor didn't really show our personalities, a lot of the colours and decor were very safe. My first task was to wallpaper the wall behind our bed in our bedroom. I'm thrilled with how it turned out but I haven't updated our lamps and bedding to match yet so won't post pics just yet. This post is about our dining room.

My hubby for a long time has wanted a wall decorated in images from some of his fave street photographers but was unsure about it and to be honest afraid to try it. So I thought this would be a great project for me - creating something that himself would love. The first step was to acquire images; we both headed up to Hodges Figgis on Dawson Street, Dublin. Himself was adamant that Vivian Maier be on the wall, we found the perfect book of her photographs. Vivien's images are black and white and they had a white border so I searched through book after book to find images that would compliment Vivien's. The lady we dealt with in Hodges Figgis was wonderful as  many of the bigger photography books are sealed in plastic however, she allowed us to open up a couple books so we could see if they were suitable. We both agreed on two more books one from Diane Arbus and the other Dorothea Lange. Their photographs were both black and white street photography and also had white borders. A couple of years ago, I covered a wall in my walk in wardrobe with fashion mag pages and I just randomly pasted the pages on. The wall looks fab but I knew that randomly pasting images wouldn't work in a more formal setting of a dining room. I decided the photographs needed to be uniform. I felt for the wall to work we needed each image to stand out in its own right and the white borders would frame and separate each image. Hubby wanted this wall to be something he could sit for hours looking at, every time finding something new to look at and try imagine the story behind each image. I wanted the finished wall to have a structure and a pattern. We both spent hours picking out which images we liked best from the three books and more hours planning the placement. I thought maybe we were over thinking it but once the project was complete I can honestly say that it was down to all of the planning that the wall turned out so well. It truly is a Feature Wall.
Tools I used;
1 small bag of wallpaper paste
1 small paint brush
1 basin
1 wallpaper smoother
1 metal ruler
1 blade
2 old tea towels
1 large plastic sheet
Firstly I used the metal ruler and blade to cut all the images out of the books. That was a long, tedious and neck breaking task.

I covered my table with the large plastic sheet and mixed the wallpaper paste in a basin  as per the instructions. After double checking I had the images in the correct order I began to apply paste to one page at a time using the paint brush, placing on the wall and gently smoothing out the bubbles with my wallpaper smoother and tea towel. The second towel was used to wipe off excess paste. I really took my time with the whole process as I didn't want to make a mess of it. I spent two half days working on it. We are both thrilled with how the wall has turned out. I must say though from showing it to family and friends and watching their reactions, it definitely isn't everyone's first choice for wall d├ęcor. But as I said my aim was to begin adding splashes of our personalities into our home and really making it our own and it's touches like this that turn your house into your  home. Now, time for the best part of this post, the pics of Our Photography Wall. Hope you like it!

Happy Decorating!!
Elaine xx
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