Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some things are too Pretty to hide in your Wardrobe

I watched a rerun of Friday nights Xpose this morning and loved the wardrobe revamp section because of all the great storage ideas. The ladies bedroom was a mess and overflowing with clothes and accessories. Two girls from Howards Storage World did a de-clutter and reshuffle of the ladies room and it looked fab (although they definitely must have thrown out a lot of clothes as she went from 3 wardrobes to 1!!). I've just had a browse through the site of Howards Storage World and have picked out some items I would love for my walk in wardrobe.......

First up is this Couture Jewellery Organiser Black €34.95 - On Xpose I have to admit at first I thought they were pinning jewellery to an actual dress but when they did a close up shot I couldn't believe it was an organiser. The wooden hanger comes with it and there are hooks for necklaces and a bar for bracelets and rings as well as the standard pocket storage. I love having my clothes and accessories on display - some things are just to pretty to be hidden inside a wardrobe. You could hang this organiser on the back of your door, the front of your wardrobe or on a hook on a wall. On the the show they also draped a fur scarf over the hanger and it looked gorgeous!

They have a good selection of over the door hooks. These are very handy as there is no need to start routing in the hubby's toolbox. They simple sit on the top of your door and you can use it to display scarves, jewellery, hats, coats etc or even hang the above jewellery organiser. This particular one is €14.95

Happy Shopping !!!
Elaine xx
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