Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Tie your Scarf

We all love to accessorise and finish off a look with a scarf. Scarves add colour, print, and trends to the simplest of outfits. Of course at this time of the year, they also offer practical warmth. Scarves allow us to wear our lighter coats for a little bit longer and then when we do need to slip into our warm winter coats they add an extra layer of cosiness and give a fresh look to last years coat. Wearing a scarf this often means we have to get inventive with how we drape them......So here are my 3 favourite ways to wear my scarves.................

Look One - The Basic Knot

Basic Knot Step 1 - Fold your scarf in half and drape the loop over one shoulder

Basic Knot Step 2 - Grab both loose ends and pull them through the loop and now you have the Basic Knot

Look Two - The Fashion Knot - This is my favourite way to wear my scarf at the moment!!

Fashion Knot Step 1 - Fold your scarf in half and drape the loop over one shoulder

Fashion Knot Step 2 - Grab one of the long loose ends and bring it through the loop

Fashion Knot Step 3 - Grab the second loose end and bring it over the loop and then pull it down through the loop. You now have the Fashion Knot. You can tighten the knot or loosen it to create different effects

Look 3 - The Double Drape

Double Drape Step 1 - For this style don't fold the scarf in half. Simply drape the full length around you neck but leave one side longer than the other

Double Drape Step 2 - Take the long end and wrap it right around your neck until you have the end back at the front where you started

Double Drape Step 3 - taking one end at a time pull them through the draped part at the front of your neck. You now have a Double Draped Scarf

Now you know how to wear a Scarf, why not treat yourself to a new one. Here are my faves online right now

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Happy Shopping!!!
Elaine xx
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