Saturday, July 12, 2014

Outfit Post Quickie....

Quick outfit post before I go out for a quite drink with the hubby. My top is Yumi International, neckpiece and bracelet are White Leaf and they are all from the new fashion store in the Arboretum Garden Centre in Carlow. Feeling girly and pretty tonight 😘

Happy Shopping!!!

Elaine xxx

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Wall of Style

By Elaine Scully

Last October I had to give up my walk in wardrobe, it was our only spare room and we were having an Au Pair come live with us - just until my youngest son finished primary school in June. Having an Au Pair turned out to be a great experience for the entire family (once I recovered from the loss of my room ha ha).

A couple of weeks ago we sadly said goodbye to our Au Pair, she's possibly the nicest happiest girl I've met. It was an emotional farewell but having my room back did sweeten the loss. I'm still fixing up the room but one of the first things I did was create a feature wall. I own pile after pile of glossy mags and thought it would be fun and creative to make some use for them. My brilliant brainwave was to use them as wallpaper on the main wall of the room. The guys in Woodies are still wondering what I'm on after I asked for advice on what would be best to use to firstly stick magazine pages to the wall and then to protect.

My Tools:
Lots and lots of glossy mags
1 x Cutting knife
1 x Cutting board
Wallpaper paste
1 x Paint brush
1 x Table
1 x 12 year old Son (for pasting the glue on the pages)
1 x Cloth (to smooth out the pages on the wall)
1 x Chair (to stand on to reach the top of the wall)
PVA Adhesive and Sealer

It took me a little over 5 hours!! It was such a fun task but I really was wrecked after it....a truly happy kinda wrecked.

Absolutely thrilled with the results....doesn't it look amaaazing?? My Dad called over while I was in work today and put spot lights on the skirting board, he was so impressed with my wall that he thought the lights would make it even more of a feature.....looking forward to trying out the lights when it gets dark later!! (thanks dad x)

What do you think? Have you done any creative DIY projects in your bedroom or walk in wardrobe??

Elaine xx

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Holiday Diary

By Elaine Scully

Today was my first day back to the day job after 12 glorious days off!!!!!! If you follow me on Facebook or twitter you'll be totally up to date with what I got up to for my hols. I decided from day 1 to keep a holiday diary by posting one piece of info each day on what I got up to :-) It was great fun and I really enjoyed looking back on it today, now that it's all over.

It would be rude to keep my blog readers in the dark so here are the posts and pics from Day 1 all the way through to Day 12......Enjoy!!!!!

Day 1 of 12 days off :-) bought some much needed supplies……Benefit Oxygen Wow foundation in Honey €36. Rimmel scandal eyes waterproof eyeliner in black €4.99. Maybelline super stay gel nail polish in Rose salsa €6.09. All purchased in Sam McCauley's in Fairgreen SC Carlow. They are in the middle of renovations so watch out for new brow bar and makeup hall very soon!!!

Day 2 of 12 days off - bikini shopping in Penney's :-) You know you're irish when a couple of days of sunshine means it's gonna last forever!! I'm off to Sunny Sligo tomorrow……here's hoping my bikini's get lots of wear!!!

Day 3 of 12 days off - drinking wine in a Martini glass outside a tent on a very windy campsite. Roll on tomorrow when we check into the Clarion

Day 4 of 12 days off: back to civilisation steak followed by wine, crunchie mousse and tea yum

Day 5 of 12 days off: we fit a lot in today…cricket on the beach, crepes, crazy golf, pool, jacuzzi, Italian restaurant…and to top it all off I'm wearing cute bows on my toes

Day 6 of 12 days off: picked up a card just for the words, realised I own a lot of A|wear clothes, had a delicious mojito

Day 7 of 12 days off: this week I've been taking time to enjoy the little things and I'm especially loving sharing it all with my big boys…they make me laugh every day all day

Day 8 of 12 days off: chillaxing after a lovely day made up of forest walks, beach fun & visiting family…almost time to get ready for a few drinkies
Day 9 of 12 days off: browsed some vintage, now time for the last supper heading home tomorrow

Day 10 of 12 days off: back home…have my wall and mannie to cheer me up #devotedtofashion

Day 11 of 12 days off: well back to real living today…unpacking, washing, hoovering, cooking, food shopping and family catch ups. Off to cinema now- not so bad

Day 12 of 12 days off: last day had a lazy morning then picked out the outfits for Off Your Rails Style Night in Baltinglass…there are some lovely pieces!!! Have my feet up now for a relaxing evening

Hope you enjoyed it guys!!

Elaine xx
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