Tuesday, October 1, 2013

All "Twerking" aside...I LOVE Mileys new face!

by Anne Hutton Makeup & Beauty

So poor Miley's been getting a lot of bad publicity lately. Be it for her choice of clothing (or lack thereof!), her skinny-and-getting-skinnier frame, or for her behaviour on-stage and off, she just can't seem to get it right these days.

Miley's new look

Well, at least one thing she has gotton so very right is her makeup, so let's give her some credit. Miley's makeup artist Denika Bedrossian has taken Miley's look from a very "teenage prom" look to a far more sophisticated glamorous look.

To get Mileys look, wear a light-reflecting dewy foundation for a natural skin glow (try Lancome Teint Miracle). For daytime, like the picture on the right, keep eye makeup to a minimum. Miley has lash extensions to enhance her eyes without much makeup. Team this with a nude glossy lip.
For her more glam look, apply a creamy textured red lipstick (try Clarins Joli Rouge in Clarins Red), and plenty of eyeliner for a more sultry eye.

Miley before the makeover.

So Miley, here's my advice, sack the stylist (sorry Lisa Katnic, but I'm not loving your "ratchet" looks!) and you'll be well on your way... I think Elaine might agree with me on this one!

Do you agree with me readers??
Anne x
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