Monday, September 2, 2013

Correct Skin Cleansing Tip!

by Anne Hutton Makeup & Beauty, Carlow

THE WRONG WAY: Do you, like many women, pump a little cleanser onto a cotton pad then wip over the skin on your face? Well, I can tell you that you are wasting your cleanser and not even getting a properly cleansed skin! All this does is wipes the surface clean, and does not get right into those pores...

THE RIGHT WAY: A more effective way of cleansing is to pump you cleanser onto your finger tips, massage the cleanser directly into your skin using small circular movements, then remove with damp cotton pads. This works the cleanser (be it a cream, lotion or oil) into the skin, loosens up any dirt and makeup, then it all gets wiped away properly with the damp cotton pad. It also aids the skin's micro-circulation, boosting your skin's natural repairing, detoxing and firming.
Follow with a suitable toner to remove any residue, and moisturise well. Use an eye cream around the eye area.

Try this at home yourselves, and why not leave us a comment if you found it useful!
Anne xx

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