Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Castor Oil - Nature's Lash Enhancer

by Anne Hutton Makeup & Beauty, Carlow.

After a client of mine shared this tip, I simply had to do some more reading up on castor oil, and would like to share a little secret with you! Those of you who read my blog posts will know that I am a huge fan of natural oils for fixing all that ails you.

Apparantly, if you apply a little organic castor oil to your eyelashes with a cotton bud, every night, it will help to boost eyelash growth (it can be used on eyebrows also). It only works if you do it every night as part of your beauty regime, and keep it up. It can take up to 6 weeks to notice any difference, so patience is required.
I have great intentions of starting this (as soon as I pick up a bottle of organic castor oil in the health store) and I will follow up on this post and let you know how I get on.

Either way it's no harm to even use it now and then, to soften and nourish your lashes, in the same sense as we use conditioning masks on our hair.
Of course there are other products specifically designed for lashes on the market, such as Talika Lipocils or Revitalash - more expensive but maybe worth a try if you want faster results.
Tip: For those of you who get semi-permanent lash extensions, use in between having extensions to condition your lashes, not while you still have them or the oil will break down the bonded glue in the extension.

Anne x

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