Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Makeup Kit loves to be Spoiled!

by Anne Hutton Makeup & Beauty, Carlow

Client's often ask me which products I love to use, so I thought I'd show you some of my latest purchases for my professional kit.

I went up to BTs just before Christmas, and treated my kit to some MAC goodies. I got Studio Fix Powder - great for lasting in photoshoots and under studio lights. Got me some Fleur Power Blusher, a lovely warm pink which suits most skintones. Waterproof Black Mascara is a frequent purchase for me -perfect for weddings. And last but not least, three new eyeshadows for my "neutrals" pallette.

So this month, I just needed to stock up on some kit essentials...

Yves St. Laurent touche Eclat - I tend to use this more as an all-over skin illuminator rather than an under-eye concealer. Lancome Colour fever Gloss - much softer on the lips, less sticky, and more moisturising than Juicy Tubes. Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascaras, one waterproof and one non-waterproof. This liquid formula works well with any brush so is great for using with my disposable wands. Benefit Hoola - a great all-over bronzer with a matte finish. It's also brilliant for quick & easy contouring of the cheekbones.

So there's a little peek at my makeup kit, and a very happy kit she is...

Anne x


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Castor Oil - Nature's Lash Enhancer

by Anne Hutton Makeup & Beauty, Carlow.

After a client of mine shared this tip, I simply had to do some more reading up on castor oil, and would like to share a little secret with you! Those of you who read my blog posts will know that I am a huge fan of natural oils for fixing all that ails you.

Apparantly, if you apply a little organic castor oil to your eyelashes with a cotton bud, every night, it will help to boost eyelash growth (it can be used on eyebrows also). It only works if you do it every night as part of your beauty regime, and keep it up. It can take up to 6 weeks to notice any difference, so patience is required.
I have great intentions of starting this (as soon as I pick up a bottle of organic castor oil in the health store) and I will follow up on this post and let you know how I get on.

Either way it's no harm to even use it now and then, to soften and nourish your lashes, in the same sense as we use conditioning masks on our hair.
Of course there are other products specifically designed for lashes on the market, such as Talika Lipocils or Revitalash - more expensive but maybe worth a try if you want faster results.
Tip: For those of you who get semi-permanent lash extensions, use in between having extensions to condition your lashes, not while you still have them or the oil will break down the bonded glue in the extension.

Anne x


Friday, January 18, 2013

Littlewoods Ireland Spring Summer 13 Collection

By Elaine Scully Styling

My sister is addicted to shopping with Littlewoods Ireland. I rarely - infact the word never might describe it more honestly - shop online, that is entirely due to the fact that I enjoy instore shopping too much (so much that I've made a career out of it!) That said I do have an online shopping addiction of sorts - virtual window shopping - plus as a stylist I love sharing my online finds with all the followers of my facebook page

In November I was delighted to be given the opportunity to attend Littlewoods Ireland's preview of their SS13 Collection. The event was held in The Little Museum of Dublin and hosted by stylist Cathy O'Connor and the Face of Littlewoods Caroline Morahan.

We were treated to bubbly, a salon style fashion show, a browse through a selection of their new season offerings and one of the most popular parts of the evening was artist Eva Byrne - I queued for 30 mins to get my portrait done (image below)

Black and White which I'm sure you've heard by now is a key trend for the season and a lasting palette that's easy mix - so good news for your wardrobe...........

After a long cold Winter would we be as eager to jump into the spring summer season if it didn't promise cheerful colour and the hopefulness of warm weather?

Of course it goes with out saying pastels were present and are always a must for the lighter brighter months............

the artists interpretation of me and my style for the evening............what I and everyone I spoke to loved about Eva Byrne was with a few flicks of her paintbrush we all got to be glamorous hollywood stars for one night. I'm going to really enjoy displaying my portrait in my office if I ever get around to hanging it up............

Littlewoods Ireland still have some amazing Winter Sale bargains and the weather at the moment promises lots of wear from them, however, they have most definitely moved into Spring/summer with lots of new season styles already available. Below are some looks to inspire your SS wardrobe and who knows maybe they'll inspire me to do some online shopping for a change :-)

with Valentines Day the next holiday to look forward to I couldn't resist these dresses

My most favourite hue is and always has been Purple and I adore this jumpsuit and this is the perfect piece to buy and wear now and throughout the summer. I would however remove the matching belt that comes with it and add my own belt in a different colour. Style tip: a large belt will make you appear slimmer.  

I promise girls these clogs will go with everything. If you are planning a holiday it's always wise to have a neutral shoe that will mix with any outfit, cutting down on the amount of shoes needed and saving on luggage weight

I think we all by now own a black blazer so this summer it's time to invest in a white style.....

Littlewoods really do have an amazing selection (for all ages and shapes) so why not pay them a visit even if it is just to do some window shopping.

Elaine xx

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cash in your Closet

By Elaine Scully Styling

Ladies the oh so common scene of standing in front of your wardrobe and moaning ‘I’ve nothing to wear’ is very seldom due to a shortage of clothes. The big issue is lack of wearable clothing, AND - you’re not going to like this - an unorganised wardrobe.

Most wardrobes are overflowing with clothes that, don’t fit, need altering or items which you have nothing to team with. You’ll probably have noticed that your messy bulging wardrobe also means you tend to only wear what’s at the front of your wardrobe over and over again!

Purchasing more clothes is never going to be the solution to having nothing to wear and for most of us it is now no longer an option – we need to start making the most of what we already own by becoming familiar with our wardrobes. I know this is going to sound mind-numbing but the only answer is to clear out your wardrobe.....only clothes you wear should take up valuable hanging space.

Everyone hates the thought of a wardrobe clearout but what if doing this could lead to earning some Cash? Now that sounds more enticing already! You can discover Cash in your Closet by finding a new home for your unloved clothes with the help of (Ladies Loot is a classified website dedicated to the females of Ireland where you can sell and buy new and pre-loved items) This will create space in your wardrobe allowing you clearly see your outfit options, plus you will earn some money to purchase items that will help you wear your existing clothes more.

To begin take everything out of your wardrobe one item at a time. Each item of clothing needs to be placed in 1 of 3 clothing piles

Pile 1​ Clothes you wear regularly; 
pieces that compliment your shape and colouring

Pile 2 ​Clothes you might wear; 
items you love but need altering or customising.

Pile 3​ Clothes you don’t wear; 
pieces that don’t fit, have lost their shape or look, or items you have never worn.

Pile 1 goes back into your wardrobe. Never hang clothes in organised outfits as this only limits the amount of looks you can create. Instead hang all tops together, jackets with jackets, dresses with dresses etc.. This will make creating outfits much easier.

Pile 2 only returns to your wardrobe once altered.

Cha-Ching......Pile 3 is your hidden stash of cash. Of course anything that is not in wearable condition should go to a clothing bank. The items that are in good condition are your material for money making. Armed with a quality pic of your unwanteds you can advertise them on for a small fee.

As you work your way through your wardrobe you will come across pieces you would love to wear but have nothing to wear them with. So make yourself a little shopping list as you go. This list should stay in your purse. The next time you’re about to make an impulse purchase – check your list – if it’s not on it then don’t buy it. However if this purchase can be worn with at least three of your existing items of clothing then it is a valuable addition to your wardrobe. The key to remember from now on is – every purchase you make should increase your outfit choices. You are now ready to begin growing a wearable wardrobe :)

Elaine xx
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