Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seven Sexy Celebs: Red Lippie Looks!

by Anne Hutton Makeup & Beauty, Carlow.

So it's that time of year again, time to get out the red lipstick that is! Red lippie never goes out of style and is a popular winter shade every year. There are more choices in shades and textures on the market now than ever before, and it can be a little confusing.
There's nothing like a bit of colour to brighten up your complexion, and there really is a shade of red out there to suit everybody. Whether your brave enough to go for a bold pop of colour, or you prefer a more demure look, just give it a go!
Here are some of my favourite celebrity red lipstick looks....

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has ditched the tan for a paler complexion which compliments this look beautifully. She has chosen a blood red, with minimal eyemakeup; just lashings of lashes on top and defined brows.

Tip: A lick of liquid eyeliner on top as well as some falsies will add to the full lash effect.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett has chosen a bold coral red, which compliments her blonde hair, blue eyes and peachy cheeks.
Her eye makeup is soft and smokey, using browns instead of black/grey tones. Use kohl pencil top and bottom, and smudge it in with some brown eyeshadow on a cotton bud.

Tip: Beware of orangey-toned lip colours if you have yellowness in your teeth - opt for a blueish/pink toned red instead for whiter looking teeth.

Emma Stone

One of my favourite actors at the moment, Emma's auburn hair and Irish colouring makes her a good example for us lassies.
Emma's lip colour is more sheer and natural than Scarlett's, but she also uses the coral/peachy tone to compliment her colouring.

I'm not so sure about the eyeshadow, it's a bit much for my liking but I just love Emma's lips and her glowing complexion!

Katharine Mc Phee

Katharine, star of hit TV show Smash, goes for a soft pinky-toned red, which works great with her lighter hair (she's usually a brunette). The colour lifts her complexion but still looks natural.  Her eye makeup is soft and natural, using greyish brown eyeshadows and blending well.

This is a great colour for those of you who won't brave the full red look.

Tip: If you are not used to wearing red lippie, start with one of the more sheer shades, or a red lipgloss, and work up to a full-on red.
Use your ring finger to dab the colour on for a softer look.

Gwen Stefani
Gwen rarely leaves the house without her red lipstick. She even wears it jogging!
Her Marilyn Monroe inspired look never gets old, and is one of my favourite looks. For this sharp and clean look, keep the skin pale, and wear minimal eye makeup with liquid liner and false lashes on top. Choose a fire-engine red lipstick and add a little gloss.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren always looks amazing on the red carpet, and she is fond of her red lippie too.
She has opted for a rustic red here, which warms the complexion.
Her apricot blusher which is great on mature skins, adds a youthful glow.

Tyra Banks

For dark complexions, choose a strong deep red like Tyra. An opaque texture with plenty of coverage is important for this look.
A strong eye works great here too. I would define the brows a little more however.

Tip: a red toned blusher and a little highlighter on the cheekbones really lifts darker complexions.

So there you have it, some of my favourite celebrity red lippe looks.
If you're still unsure about which shade to choose for your colouring, simply hold up each lipstick to your face, look in the mirror and you will instantly see which one makes you look better!

Happy experimenting!
Anne xx

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