Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I bought at River Island's Summer Sale.......

By Elaine Scully Styling

Well this blog post took longer than expected.......this afternoon, I photographed myself in my bedroom mirror wearing each of my new purchases from River Island's Summer Sale. However, when I uploaded the pics they looked very hazy. I couldn't understand it but blamed it on the bad quality of the iphone camera. Later, while cooking dinner it dawned on me - the haze just might be dust on my mirror :0 So off I went and reshot all the pieces in front of the now dust free mirror and guess what? the results are so much clearer! Look I'm not embarassed, I've never pretended to enjoy or keep on top of housework.......my boys/men are fed regularly, they have clean clothes and everything is kept neat and tidy, I'm not a bloody supermom.

Anyway back to the topic of today's post - River Island began their Summer Sale this morning. Their doors opened at 8am in Fairgreen Shopping Centre Carlow to a queue of bargain hunters - the first 25 customers received a wrist band which entitled them to a further 50% discount off the sale price! Nice if you can part with your bed a little earlier than usual (not for me).

I was so thrilled with my purchases that I just had to boast about it to all our readers. My RI sale bag contains 5 bargains; 3 dresses and 2 tops and only set me back €77!!! Everything I bought was less than half price :-)

This print top retailed at €29, I paid €12. The back has gorgeous detailing - a short exposed gold zip and two small cut out pieces either side of the zip.

Stripe red and cream top with pretty lace detailing on shoulders, retail price €22, sale price €9

Pocket detail cream dress with navy and red print, retail price €30, sale price €14

Short sleeve leaf print dress, retail price €47, sale price €18

Sexy black dress with belt, retail price €60, sale price €24

BARGAINS, BARGAINS, BARGAINS!!!!! Total retail cost, €188 - I paid €77. So if you haven't popped into your local River Island yet (or logged in online) get your ass in gear girls.

Remember it's not a bargain if you're not going to get wear from your purchase. Know what's in your wardrobe and particularly what your wardrobe is lacking and use the sales to add more value to your closet of clothes.

What summer sale bargains did you bag??

Elaine xx
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