Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to Power the Peplum Trend

Have you been admiring the Peplum trend of the past couple seasons, but haven't introduced it to your wardrobe yet? Well now is the time girls, as A|wear are powering the peplum for Autumn 2012 with new styles having already landed in stores. I was Personal Shopping with a client yesterday and the Carlow store practically had a parade of peplums - tops, skirts and dresses all flaunting the flare.

Colourblock Peplum Dress, €55, A|wear

Dragonfly Print Dress, €55, A|wear

For me they make a wonderful alternative to the bodycon dress that everyone still insists on wearing for a night out regardless of whether it flatters their figure. The peplum trend, depending on how you style yours, can offer a fun girlie look or a sophisticated feminine look. And its flexibility allows you to take this trend to - the office, dinner, the bar, around town and pretty much anywhere your life throws at you.

The flare instantly creates an hourglass silhouette. If you are larger on top, the peplum will bring balance while still showcasing your slim lower half. Larger on your hips, bum, or thighs? the fit of most peplum pieces means you are showing off your petite upper half, but look for a style that has cap sleeves or puff shoulder details are this will keep your shoulder and hip width in proportion. Straight figures will love how the peplum instantly creates the illusion of curves. If your problem area is your tummy then be careful where the peplum sits, if is begins at your tummy it will only draw unwanted attention but if it starts above and softly falls over the tummy area you are onto a winner. Before investing in a new trend always try on different styles to find the perfect one for you - no matter what shape you are no two people are exactly the same. My dressing room rules....step out of the changing cubicle (you do not get a proper idea of how something looks on you if you are standing on top of a mirror), look at your entire figure (even if it's a peplum top or skirt you still need to check how it effects your entire shape) in a full length mirror to ensure the proportions of your top and bottom half are balanced.

Sequin Peplum Top, €50, A|wear

White Bow Detail Peplum €25

Some celebity style inspiration - I love both the below looks.....

image from www.fabsugar.com.au
image from www.heatworld.com

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Elaine xx
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