Friday, July 13, 2012

Deal with those Dark Circles!

by Anne Hutton Makeup & Beauty, Carlow

Most of us are affected by annoying dark circles now and then. But for some of us, unfortunately, they may seem like they're there to stay! They can be a result of long-term illness, allergies or simply be hereditary. The skin beneath the eyes is so thin and delicate, that it's the first place that gives us away! Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes can be as ageing on us ladies as wrinkles or grey hair, so here I will give you some info and tips on how to help get rid of or reduce them, but also how to conceal their very existence...

Beauty Sleep is Important!
The Causes: This could be an endless list, but I'll keep it simple.

Lack of sleep. Most adults need 7-8 hours sleep per night. Continuous late nights and lack of beauty sleep will eventually affect your skin and overall wellbeing too.

Alcohol (and drug) consumtion. Stating the obvious here but alcohol interrupts your natural sleep pattern and is a major cause of dark circles. Ever notice them after a night out?

Lack of nutrition. Again, a bit obvious, but a healthy, balanced diet is very important. We need enough vitamins, minerals and oils for healthy skin renewal. A poor diet can affect our skin, hair, sleep patterns and stress levels, which can all contribute to dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Regular excercise is also helpful.

Fluid retention. Blood vessels under the eyes can become dilated causeng discolouration. Excess salt in our diets and smoking are common causes of this, but it can also be related to medications or illness.
Dehydration can also cause dark circles to appear, so make sure you drink enough water.

Allergies, Hayfever, and Iron Deficiency can be causes also.

Genetics. If it's in your family it is more likely you will get dark circles.

The Cures: the following tips can help...

Sliced cucumbers over the eyes, while lying down. The lying down bit is important to help improve circulation around the eyes.

A cool damp teabag on each eye, again lying down for a few minutes. The tannin in tea bags helps to reduce swelling and discoloration around the eyes. Try popping them in the fridge overnight for extra coolness!

A cold spoon over each eye. Pop them in the freezer for a few minutes. This helps with undereye bags too.

Tap in and massage
Use an eye cream, or a cream-gel texture morning and night. something containing caffeine and vitamins will help. After cleansing, use your ring finger to tap the cream into the bony contour around the eyes, then gently massage from the inner corners of the eye outwards. This boosts circulation and absorption. There are hundreds of creams on the market, so ask for samples at the cosmetic counter to try before you buy. I find Lancome Genefiqu Yeux good, or The Body Shop Cooling Elderflower Eye Gel is good for early mornings.

The Body Shop cooling eye gel

The Cover-ups:


Try using a slightly yellow-toned concealer, blending into the inner corners or the eyes well. The yellow tone will counter-act the blue/purple skin. Or you could use a very small amount of eyeshadow base before concealer, such as Benefit's Lemon Aid.

Try an illuminating concealer brush such as YSL Touche Eclat, or Dior Skinflash, concentrating on the inner corners. This will brighten up the eyes without looking heavy. Brush it only along the darkest parts, then dab in with your ring finger.

When using eyeshadow, keep dark colours away from the inner corners of the eyes, and apply only on the outer corners and socket line. Stay away from purples. dab a little light gold or cream eyeshadw on the inner corners, to open up the eyes.

Keep under the eye clear and fresh
Keep eyeliner and to the top lash line, and eyeshadow tothe top lid. A little mascara is all that's needed on the bottom lashes to keep your eyes fresh looking.

That's it for today folks!! I hope you ladies have found this helpful in some way.
Anne xx

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