Monday, July 30, 2012

Sexy Feet in Six Steps!

by Anne Hutton Makeup & Beauty, Carlow
Are your feet feeling a little tired, worn out, and maybe looking a bit rough? In need of a little TLC and no time for a pedicure? Then follow my simple steps for sexy sandal-ready feet that you'll want to show off this summer! I'll include an easy homemade foot scrub recipe for you to try and enjoy at home!

1. Soak your feet for 5-10 minutes in a basin of warm water with 1/4 cup of sea salt or Epsom salt, and a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

2. Pat excess water off your feet, then apply your foot scrub, either homemade (*see recipe below) or choose from a large range available in the shops. Two of my favourites are Neal's Yard Pumice Foot Scrub and The Body Shop's Peppermint Cooling Foot Scrub.
Massage the scrub into the feet using circular movements, and concentrating on the areas of rough skin on the heels and balls of the feet. Rinse in the basin.

3. Using a foot file or pumice stone, gently scrub away the excess dead skin from the rough areas.

4. Rinse feet and dry.

 5. Apply a little foot cream or some almond oil to the feet, and allow to soak in.

6. Finish by painting your toenails a bright sunny colour such as bright coral, fuschia pink, or turquoise. Or keep it natural and groomed with a simple french polish. Add some bling such as a toe ring or anklet as a finishing touch.

*Homemade foot scrub recipe.
In a bowl, mix:
1 cup of sea salt, Epsom salt or brown sugar with 3 tablespoons of almond or coconut oil. For extra hydration add a spoon of aloe vera gel. Mix well into a paste.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Button and Bow Factory

By Elaine Scully Styling

Guys I'm so very excited :0 I've literally just stumbled upon a fab new on-line accessory store and had to share it with our readers immediately..............

As I'm always on the lookout for quirky accessories that won't stress my ever tightening family budget, I'm delighted with this new gem of a site. We have all had to cut back on our clothes shopping but that's the beauty of accessories you can restyle your clothes by simply just spending a few Euros. The Button and Bow Factory prices start from a mere €6, and as far as I can see, stop at €12 AND delivery is free!! So you can remain on top of trends, indulge the shopaholic in you and keep your bank balance in check until pay day comes around again.

After indulging in a long session of window shopping, I admit to falling for almost everything on this site but these are my absolute must haves

Skull shirt collar necklace, €8

Antique gold disc headband, €10


Vintage stud bracelet, €10

Vintage gold hair band, €6

Happy shopping :)

Elaine xx

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gwen Stefani get her Leather Look

By Elaine Scully Styling

Gwen Stefani - my style crush - is back with No Doubt! They made their return to the stage as a band earlier this week at the Teen Choice Awards 2012 and Gwen looked stunning :0 Although I'm not a major leather lover apart from leather accessories, I really do like this look on Gwen. With leather set to be a major trend for Autumn Winter 2012 it's definitely a look for all to take inspiration from - including me.

Here's how I would recreate her style :-)

I would opt for a two-textured style jacket. As faux fur will be battling next season against leather for 'top fabric trend', this jacket would be my ultimate pick..........combining both leather and fur

River Island

Jameela Jamil high waisted jeans, €44, Littlewoods Ireland,

Accessories as we all know can make or break a look and wow is that true for this outfit. Gwen has teamed her skinny jeans with pointed toe shoes which is another big one for the upcoming season. I adore this pair below from Her gold jewels are equally as fabulous. I want Gwen's anklet but couldn't find anything similar online - so I think a gold chain wrapped around my ankle with a charm attached would work just as well. Lots of gold rings on my fingers will finish the look and at least one of the rings need to be attached by chain to a cuff.........adore the one below from River Island. (I bought a silver version in Dorothy Perkins a couple of weeks, it's still awaiting an outing and its debut will be soon)

ASOS PRIOR pointed high heels, €55.30,
River Island

Leather has even been catching my eye on the catwalk. These are my favourites (so far) for the coming season :0

Alexander Wang Fall RTW 2012

Bally Fall RTW 2012

Elaine xx

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to Power the Peplum Trend

Have you been admiring the Peplum trend of the past couple seasons, but haven't introduced it to your wardrobe yet? Well now is the time girls, as A|wear are powering the peplum for Autumn 2012 with new styles having already landed in stores. I was Personal Shopping with a client yesterday and the Carlow store practically had a parade of peplums - tops, skirts and dresses all flaunting the flare.

Colourblock Peplum Dress, €55, A|wear

Dragonfly Print Dress, €55, A|wear

For me they make a wonderful alternative to the bodycon dress that everyone still insists on wearing for a night out regardless of whether it flatters their figure. The peplum trend, depending on how you style yours, can offer a fun girlie look or a sophisticated feminine look. And its flexibility allows you to take this trend to - the office, dinner, the bar, around town and pretty much anywhere your life throws at you.

The flare instantly creates an hourglass silhouette. If you are larger on top, the peplum will bring balance while still showcasing your slim lower half. Larger on your hips, bum, or thighs? the fit of most peplum pieces means you are showing off your petite upper half, but look for a style that has cap sleeves or puff shoulder details are this will keep your shoulder and hip width in proportion. Straight figures will love how the peplum instantly creates the illusion of curves. If your problem area is your tummy then be careful where the peplum sits, if is begins at your tummy it will only draw unwanted attention but if it starts above and softly falls over the tummy area you are onto a winner. Before investing in a new trend always try on different styles to find the perfect one for you - no matter what shape you are no two people are exactly the same. My dressing room rules....step out of the changing cubicle (you do not get a proper idea of how something looks on you if you are standing on top of a mirror), look at your entire figure (even if it's a peplum top or skirt you still need to check how it effects your entire shape) in a full length mirror to ensure the proportions of your top and bottom half are balanced.

Sequin Peplum Top, €50, A|wear

White Bow Detail Peplum €25

Some celebity style inspiration - I love both the below looks.....

image from
image from

If you have any style dilemma's I would love to hear from you. I can answer your queries here in a blog post or privately my email. You can contact me

Elaine xx

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spreading my new love of Jam

By Elaine Scully Styling

As a lover of the complete shopping experience;

deciding what my wardrobe needs
browsing the shop rails
trying on anything that catches my eye
falling in love
chatting with the staff at the till, (gonna ignore the handing over of money part....who enjoys that)
walking around with a giddy grip on my shopping bags
taking home my purchases
playing dress-up

When I get that much enjoyment from shopping it's clear why I don't dabble in online shopping. That's just me personally, and I realise I'm in the minority, virtual shopping has many benefits for those that simply don't have the time or hate hitting the shops for numerous reasons.

Then.....(big sigh)......along came a mail, a very tempting mail, from Littlewoods Ireland containing images from their new label blatantly attempting to test my loyalty to good old fashioned shopping. I feel weak and guilty and I haven't even added anything to my virtual basket (...yet). The fact is Jameela Jamil's Jam collection would just sit seamlessly into my closet and I'm in love with so many of her pieces. I want I want I want :0

Jameela Jamil Printed Shirt with Shoulder Pads, €47, Littlewoods Ireland

Jameela Jamil Slouchy Boyfriend Cardigan, €47, Littlewoods Ireland

Jameela Jamil Ponteroma Pinefore Dress, €74, Littlewoods Ireland

Jameela Jamil Midi Length Jersey Pencil Skirt, €27, Littlewoods Ireland

See what I mean? Jameela's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection for Littlewoods is overflowing with wearable separates that are perfect for adding new life to your casuals, as well as offering must have classic pieces for those days or evenings that need a little something special. There are many more choices on the site, so if you've been tempted too, head on over to Littlewoods Ireland for a browse. ENJOY :-)

Elaine xx

Friday, July 13, 2012

Deal with those Dark Circles!

by Anne Hutton Makeup & Beauty, Carlow

Most of us are affected by annoying dark circles now and then. But for some of us, unfortunately, they may seem like they're there to stay! They can be a result of long-term illness, allergies or simply be hereditary. The skin beneath the eyes is so thin and delicate, that it's the first place that gives us away! Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes can be as ageing on us ladies as wrinkles or grey hair, so here I will give you some info and tips on how to help get rid of or reduce them, but also how to conceal their very existence...

Beauty Sleep is Important!
The Causes: This could be an endless list, but I'll keep it simple.

Lack of sleep. Most adults need 7-8 hours sleep per night. Continuous late nights and lack of beauty sleep will eventually affect your skin and overall wellbeing too.

Alcohol (and drug) consumtion. Stating the obvious here but alcohol interrupts your natural sleep pattern and is a major cause of dark circles. Ever notice them after a night out?

Lack of nutrition. Again, a bit obvious, but a healthy, balanced diet is very important. We need enough vitamins, minerals and oils for healthy skin renewal. A poor diet can affect our skin, hair, sleep patterns and stress levels, which can all contribute to dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Regular excercise is also helpful.

Fluid retention. Blood vessels under the eyes can become dilated causeng discolouration. Excess salt in our diets and smoking are common causes of this, but it can also be related to medications or illness.
Dehydration can also cause dark circles to appear, so make sure you drink enough water.

Allergies, Hayfever, and Iron Deficiency can be causes also.

Genetics. If it's in your family it is more likely you will get dark circles.

The Cures: the following tips can help...

Sliced cucumbers over the eyes, while lying down. The lying down bit is important to help improve circulation around the eyes.

A cool damp teabag on each eye, again lying down for a few minutes. The tannin in tea bags helps to reduce swelling and discoloration around the eyes. Try popping them in the fridge overnight for extra coolness!

A cold spoon over each eye. Pop them in the freezer for a few minutes. This helps with undereye bags too.

Tap in and massage
Use an eye cream, or a cream-gel texture morning and night. something containing caffeine and vitamins will help. After cleansing, use your ring finger to tap the cream into the bony contour around the eyes, then gently massage from the inner corners of the eye outwards. This boosts circulation and absorption. There are hundreds of creams on the market, so ask for samples at the cosmetic counter to try before you buy. I find Lancome Genefiqu Yeux good, or The Body Shop Cooling Elderflower Eye Gel is good for early mornings.

The Body Shop cooling eye gel

The Cover-ups:


Try using a slightly yellow-toned concealer, blending into the inner corners or the eyes well. The yellow tone will counter-act the blue/purple skin. Or you could use a very small amount of eyeshadow base before concealer, such as Benefit's Lemon Aid.

Try an illuminating concealer brush such as YSL Touche Eclat, or Dior Skinflash, concentrating on the inner corners. This will brighten up the eyes without looking heavy. Brush it only along the darkest parts, then dab in with your ring finger.

When using eyeshadow, keep dark colours away from the inner corners of the eyes, and apply only on the outer corners and socket line. Stay away from purples. dab a little light gold or cream eyeshadw on the inner corners, to open up the eyes.

Keep under the eye clear and fresh
Keep eyeliner and to the top lash line, and eyeshadow tothe top lid. A little mascara is all that's needed on the bottom lashes to keep your eyes fresh looking.

That's it for today folks!! I hope you ladies have found this helpful in some way.
Anne xx


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Your preview of River Islands Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

By Elaine Scully Styling

I drove up to the big smoke this morning for a preview of River Islands Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection. Iphone in hand every snap I took was another pretend purchase for my Autumn year-round-wardrobe. Accessories play a key role in RI's collection for next season. My absolute favourites were; the body jewellery, all the ultra statement earrings and the cross neckpiece (each of these are shown below). Guys, may I present to you the contents of my 'wish I could' shopping bag.....

Love each and every one of my fake purchases!! Who knows maybe once they land instore they could become a very real part of my wardrobe. And now for some outfit inspiration and to do this I have put together a few of my favourite looks from River Islands Lookbook. Enjoy :)

LEFT- Mia embellished earrings, Ella necklace, Lauren silver oversized blazer, Julia embellished dress, Toni flatform brogues RIGHT- Dotty white long sleeved shirt, Teagan embellished jumper, Tabitha gold skirt, Nude ladylike gloves

Juno pearl headband, Blaise body jewellery, Farida dress, Barton spiky heels

Chrissy burgundy stole, Perry leather dress, Shaney boots

LEFT- Janet embellished hat, Lye satin jumper, Eliza patent mini RIGHT- Cooper cross, Ruby jacket, Cher blouse, Carla clutch, Marleen velvet pants

LEFT- Bridges shift dress, Barton spiky heels RIGHT- Michelle embellished headband, Holly dress, Mary brogues

Don't you just love it all? As a big River Island fan - you can see from the amount of pics - I was in window shopping heaven. What would you place in your 'wish I could' shopping bag?

Elaine xx

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ditch those commute to office runners

By Elaine Scully Styling

Looking for comfort for your commute to work? There's nothing wrong with that, but girls this look below screams WRONG

image from

As a true heel addict, I will wear shoes that, if walked any distance in, promise blisters. When it comes to work I have in the past year (it took a while to come round) began 'opting for comfort'. Now those are 3 words I would never have used when it comes to my style - until I was introduced to FitFlop in SS 2011. That's the danger with comfort, get a taste of it and suddenly your feet are telling YOU what to wear! Last week I was given a preview of FitFlops Autumn/Winter 2012 collection and they have the perfect commute to work shoe. Ironically on my way to the meeting, my eyes sorely spotted a woman rushing up Henry Street wearing a dark (skirt) suit teamed with runners. If that lady is reading this, please ditch those runners and take a look at these.....

Sometimes a girl needs comfort

Meet Fitflops new Ballerina style shoe - The Dué - they are a half wedge half ballet pump. With their uber-cushioned underfoot they kick the comfy runners ass and you'll agree they'll look far more fab with your smart work wear than any sporty options. The patent leather gives them a dressy finish, as well as the Hot Cherry colour shown above they also come in Inky Blue, and Black. This new style will come in a leather finish as well but personally they don't have the same appeal particularly if wearing with a skirt. Surprisingly these comfortable soles come with an affordable price tag of €99.95. They won't be available until later this month but you can pre-order. You can locate your nearest stockist here

You may not be ready to shop for winter boots but here is another new style from FitFlop that I just have to share with you. These are a boxer style boot called The Polar Sneaker. For me they are a cross between the Ugg and a High Top. They can be worn laced up (boxer style) or turned down (ugg style). The thermo-cosseting curly sheepskin lining is so soft you need to stroke it (like I did) to believe it. These come with a price tag of €179.99 which is a big reduction in price of previous FitFlop boots.

Float like a Butterfly

Have you been guilty of any fashion disasters in order to avoid blistering on the way to work?

Elaine xx
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