Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby soft skin for everyone, in 3 easy steps!

by Anne Hutton Makeup & Beauty, Carlow

So we all want skin as smooth as a baby's bum, right? Skin that's smooth to touch, without rough, dry patches......Here's how!

Baby soft skin - head to toe!

Step 1: Exfolliate!!! Use a store-bought, or home-made (see recipe below) body scrub, and apply in the shower. Use small circular strokes, and never scrub too hard, especially on sensitive skin. Exfolliation removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells, leaving the skin much smoother.
Use a seperate exfolliant, (see recipe below), for the delicate skin of the face.

Step 2: Pat dry with a soft towel....never rub or scrub your skin with the towel as this may cause premature ageing of the skin.

Step 3: While still in the steamy bathroom, apply some baby oil, almond or coconut oil all over. This  is the best time to apply as your pores are still open and the oils will be absorbed better. Put a small amount in your palms and rub together to warn up, them spread all over.  The almond or coconut oils can be used on the face also.

It's also important to protect the skin for the sun by wearing SPF when outdoors, this will help to keep the skin hydrated, and prevent premature ageing.

Recipe for home-made face scrub:  
In a bowl, mix 2 tbsp oatmeal into a paste with water or honey (add some lemon for oily skin types)
Homemade face scrub

Recipe for home-made body scrub:
Mix one part oil (eg. coconut or almond) to 2 parts soft brown sugar in a bowl. Ordinary white sugar may be a little harsh. Add a drop of your favourite essential oil for a gorgeous smell (eg. lavender)

Home-made sugar body scrub
I hope you have enjoyed my tips and recipes. and please do try this at home!!
Anne xxx

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