Monday, February 20, 2012

Warehouse encourages wardrobe wearing

I must admit the Warehouse press day, held in The Behan Lodge Residence in Dublin's Stephens Green, was more low-key than I was expecting. Their minimal display however, worked in a POSITIVE way, the fresh palette and each exquisite piece on show were promised complete focus and received the individual attention they deserved. There was no rushing through jam packed rails and flicking past pieces to get to the next collection or theme.

What I love about the spring/summer offerings from Warehouse is the encouragement to mix your night out clothes with your casual day outfits.......... wardrobe has always worked this way and it is a positive way to view your clothes. I've never had the budget to own a closet of clothes sectioned into 'Nights Out', 'Casual', 'Work' etc. By labelling clothes as 'good wear' you are limiting your outfit choices and will not get value for money from your clothes. Look at your clothes as individual pieces (even if you bought items to match each other) organise your wardrobe hanging your jackets with jackets, dresses with dresses, tops with tops etc...This will open your eyes and encourage your imagination to create different outfits everytime you open your wardrobe.

Getting back to the Warehouse rails, the accessories scattered throughout were stunning and these really made an impression on me. Each piece makes it's own stunning style statement and are perfect for beginning your transition into the new season.

The new Warehouse collection can be purchased online or to find a store near you click here -

Now, off you go and start wearing your wardrobe - for tips on how to re-organise your clothes email me on

Elaine xx
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