Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Getting The Right Colour Concealer

How to choose your concealer
Blemishes and scars : match the colour of your skin tone exactly

Raised Spots : try using a slightly darker colour than the skin tone to make the spot recede, anything lighter will highlight the spot

Under eye shadows: match the skin tone or go half a shade lighter

Set the concealer with a yellow based pressed powder as pink tones emphasise redness. This will also guarantee a longer lasting coverage.

Types of Concealer Products
Cream concealer- gives light to medium coverage, hides dark circles, spots and evens out blotchiness

Liquid concealer - gives light sheer coverage, conceals dark shadows and redness around the eyes and nose.

Stick concealer - gives full coverage disguises redness on the cheeks, chin and nose, hides indented scars.

Pencil concealer - gives medium to full coverage, disguises small blemishes.

Light Diffusing liquid concealer - gives translucent coverage that reflects light away, brightens shadows under the eyes and blurs the appearance of wrinkles.

Medicated concealer - gives medium to full coverage, covers spots and treats them at the same time.

Essence stay all day long lasting concealer 16hr €2.99

Catrice Light Reflective concealer €4.49
Top Tips
- Always apply your foundation first, then your concealer, otherwise you will move it away when applying your foundation.

- Concealer is used to lighten around the eyes, whereas on the rest of the face it's used to hide blemishes and imperfections. If you use the same product for both, then blemishes can end up looking lighter rather than concealed.

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