Sunday, September 25, 2011

Derek Lam's Cat Eyes

This look was seen at Derek Lam’s Ready-to-Wear Fall 2011 Catwalk Show. With the metallic eye and heavy brows that were used, this is not day make up. But yet it is casual, sophisticated, feminine and minimal without being boring.

You want flawless matte skin, the eyes are minimal but slightly severe using metallic silver and charcoal. The brows are filled in with a brow pencil to really emphasise them. The cheeks are contoured slightly with a few sweeps of bronzer, while the pout is toned down using a peachy beige matte lipstick. A nude lip will make the eyes pop even more.

Essential Tools
CATRICE Matt Mousse Foundation €5.49
CATRICE Eyebrow Stylist Pencil, €2.99

CATRICE Made to Stay Long Lasting Eyeshadow 030, €3.99
CATRICE Made to Stay Long Lasting Eyeshadow  010, €3.99

CATRICE Evolution to revolution Mascara, €4.99

CATRICE Multi Colour Blush 040, €4.49

CATRICE Ultimate Colour - Go Nudes, €4.99
Re-Creating the Look using Catrice Cosmetics

> Cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin.

> Before applying your foundation use a primer on the skin first.
> Apply Catrice’s Foundation and set with loose powder.

> Sweep a few strokes of Catrice’s Multi Colour Blush set opting for the darker colours.

> To really emphasise and define the brows use Catrice’s Brow Styling Pencil.

> Apply Catrice’s Made to Stay Long Lasting Eye Shadow in 010 first, apply all over the whole lid. Then take Catrice’s Made to Stay Long Lasting Eye Shadow in 030 and draw in a triangle shape on the outer corner of the eye lid, bringing it out just beyond the eyelid to give that dramatic cat eye look. Once the shape has been defined, fill in with the darker coloured eye shadow. Blend to take away the hard third edge, but retain an obvious triangle shape.

> Apply two coats of Evolution to Revolution Mascara in black to the top and bottom lashes.

> Using Catrice’s apply generously to the whole lip area using a lip brush.

Shauna xx

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Perk Up at the Ploughing

This years National Ploughing Championship is taking place tomorrow Tuesday 20th September 2011 and running until Thursday 22nd September 2011. The location is Fennin Farm, Stradbally Road, Athy, Co Kildare.

The reason I mention this event is to point out a very important stand.......The Bra Doctors......aka MarieSue Lingerie. They are a fab lingerie shop from my local town Carlow and can be found from tomorrow at the Carlow Enterprise Tent Block 4 Stand 301 with promises of lots of freebies :0

From hosting our Style & Beauty Parties we have realised that many ladies are STILL wearing the incorrect bra size. Whatever size your boobs are they deserve to be perked up proudly. Lying beneath your boobs could be the slimmest part of your body so ensure they stand to attention in the correct bra giving you a more feminine slimmer silhouette. An expertly fitted bra is also a more comfortable bra. So get your wellies on girls we're off to the ploughing championships for a must have perk me up.

Elaine xx

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The New Smokey Eye

This weeks beauty buy of the week is Essence New Quattro Eye Shadow Palette 09 Denim 4.0  €3.49

This is a fantastic product, it’s the new black, the colours are set to replace the black Smokey eyed look for autumn/winter 2011. The palette comes in two shades light and dark so you can create a hint of smoke or a full on Smokey eye. They also have a new improved texture that will give you a more even colour and provides long lasting results.

Shauna xx
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