Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're Buying.......July Beauty Buys

Here a few of the Beauty Products I bought this month

1. My first product is Garnier Skin Natural Exfo Brusher Wash it costs €9.25 but if you go to Shaw’s they often have them on sale for a lot less. I love this product, I suffer with break outs and this really works for me. I have found it makes a real difference to my skin I don’t have as many breakouts as I used to and it has helped fade some scars I had on my chin from previous spots. It’s a big part of my beauty regime I could use this product twice a day. It leaves my skin looking and feeling clean and clear. The beauty of this product is that it is an exfoliator and face wash in one.

2. My next purchase is Bourjois mattifying powder compact in no 73 Miel Doré €11.99.  I always use a powder to set my base because it will prevent shine, absorbs grease and gives me a smooth matt finish.

3. L’Oreal Glam Shine 6h forever nude €12.99.  I like to use either a pink or nude lipstick or gloss, I always go for the natural look for my lips. This product is great for giving moisturising high shine that lasts for 6 hours.

4. Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil.02 Hot Chocolate €1.99.  I bought this because I always use black liquid eyeliner on my eyes so I wanted a change and I have decided to try out Essences long lasting eye liner pencil in Brown.

5. Essence Multi Dimension XXXL shine and nail polish in 73 Replay €1.99.  I’m a big fan of Essence Nail varnishes they are fantastic product at a great price.  I normally play it safe with nail varnish for my hands I’d just use something natural, but for my toe nails I love a pop of colour so that’s why I chose this colour.

6. Top Coat Fixator by Mavala €3.68.  I bought this as I ran out of my top coat and needed a new one. A top coat is great for applying to the nail varnish once its dry as it gives shine to the nail varnish and protects it so it lasts longer.

Shauna xx

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