Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're Buying.......July Beauty Buys

Here a few of the Beauty Products I bought this month

1. My first product is Garnier Skin Natural Exfo Brusher Wash it costs €9.25 but if you go to Shaw’s they often have them on sale for a lot less. I love this product, I suffer with break outs and this really works for me. I have found it makes a real difference to my skin I don’t have as many breakouts as I used to and it has helped fade some scars I had on my chin from previous spots. It’s a big part of my beauty regime I could use this product twice a day. It leaves my skin looking and feeling clean and clear. The beauty of this product is that it is an exfoliator and face wash in one.

2. My next purchase is Bourjois mattifying powder compact in no 73 Miel DorĂ© €11.99.  I always use a powder to set my base because it will prevent shine, absorbs grease and gives me a smooth matt finish.

3. L’Oreal Glam Shine 6h forever nude €12.99.  I like to use either a pink or nude lipstick or gloss, I always go for the natural look for my lips. This product is great for giving moisturising high shine that lasts for 6 hours.

4. Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil.02 Hot Chocolate €1.99.  I bought this because I always use black liquid eyeliner on my eyes so I wanted a change and I have decided to try out Essences long lasting eye liner pencil in Brown.

5. Essence Multi Dimension XXXL shine and nail polish in 73 Replay €1.99.  I’m a big fan of Essence Nail varnishes they are fantastic product at a great price.  I normally play it safe with nail varnish for my hands I’d just use something natural, but for my toe nails I love a pop of colour so that’s why I chose this colour.

6. Top Coat Fixator by Mavala €3.68.  I bought this as I ran out of my top coat and needed a new one. A top coat is great for applying to the nail varnish once its dry as it gives shine to the nail varnish and protects it so it lasts longer.

Shauna xx

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Get Beach Body Ready

These are my 5 Beauty Tips to get Beach Body Ready - that’s if you're one of the lucky ones heading off to the sun this summer!

1. Exfoliator  You should exfoliate at least once a week, this is essential for getting rid of dead skin cells. Dead skin cells and dirt sit on the surface of the skin clogging pores and make your skin look dull. This will help stop your skin looking tired and dull. Try using Simples Body Wash Exoliator. Remember always exfoliate before using self tanner so that the colour is applied evenly.

2. Hair Removal Cream  Try using Nair Hair Removal Cream it's perfect for underarms, bikini and legs. it’s a sensitive formula that gently and effectively removes unwanted hair. You will have silky smooth skin in minutes. Always read the label.

3. Moisturise  To maintain a pretty tan it's important to have well hydrated skin. Well moisturised skin looks a lot smoother and toned. So make sure to moisturise daily. Try out Ziaja Cocoa Body Butter.

4. Nail Polish  If you want perfect hands and feet try a manicure and pedicure, this doesn’t have to be expensive you can do this a home. For your toe nails dare to wear colour and for your finger nails try a natural look. Try out Catrice’s range of nail polishes there’s something to suit all tastes.

5.  Sun Protection  When out in the sun you need to use a sun factor that can offer UVA and UVB protection. This will help prevent the suns rays damaging your skin. UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin causing long term damage. Why not try Vichy Capital Soleil Sun Protection Oil SPF40.

Lets face it a radiant bronzed face and body is still the hottest beauty trend around, so if you want a tan the safe way is it to fake it, try using a self tanning lotion one that’s similar to you skin type so the results look natural.

Shauna xx

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Friday, July 15, 2011

We're Buying.......July Fashion Finds

This is a new idea I thought we might try out on a monthly basis - showing our readers what we spend our pay packets on. Of course, cash flow will be the deciding factor in how regularly these posts occur.

Starting from the left - I picked up these gorgeous navy block heel wedge sandals in Penneys for €23. They also come in a delicious raspberry, but ever the sensible shopper I chose the colour that will mix best with my wardrobe.

Next purchase is a print dress from River Island (€40) I love this dress firstly because deep colours suit my complexion, secondly the silhouette is perfect for me - the high neckline makes my boobs bigger (no surgery necessary), and a gathered waist gives my straight figure some sexy curves. Plus, I already own a pair of red wedges which will look amazing for the rest of the summer and come winter I have block heel sandals and ankle boots in black to accessorize with.

Moving on to the knit jumper which I bought in Penneys for €14 this will turn a few of my dresses into skirts creating completely new outfits. I also plan to team with my skinny denims and add some girly vintage inspired accessories for easy everyday wear.

Lastly, I bought the slouchy bag in River Island for €30 having two reasons in mind; the colour burgundy is a key hue for Autumn/Winter 2011/12 and because it is to be worn across the shoulders and is quiet roomy it will be perfect for my press previews in Dublin.

For all you makeup junkies Shauna will be blogging about her beauty buys here also.

Elaine xx

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ziaja Skin Care Tried N Tested

I’ve recently been introduced to a natural beauty range of skincare products called Ziaja.

They have a massive skincare range to suit all ages and skin types. All Ziaja products are skin friendly, ph balanced and hypo allergenic. Their low price tags will make experimenting with Ziaja products so easy and affordable. Their range includes the following: Cocoa Butter Creamy Shower Soap, Coconut Lip Balm, Cocoa Body Butter skin regeneration with omega 3 and 6 and vitamin E, Natural Olive Cream light formula, Natural Olive Cream dry to normal skin & Goats Milk Day Cream, all of which I tried out. All the products are light and creamy which made my skin feel soft and nourished all day. My favourite of the products I have tried were the Cocoa Body Butter and the Coconut Lip Balm.

Coconut lip balm

I loved this product, it smells good enough to eat....although that’s not advised. It moisturised my lips with a deliciously fresh taste and a smell of coconuts that will have you dreaming of holidays. It was great for hydrating and repairing my lips. It will keep your lips in mint condition this summer.

Cocoa Body Butter skin regeneration with omega 3 and 6 and vitamin E

This is an intense body moisturiser that helps keep your skin feeling smooth and silky all day long. The formula really hydrates the skin. It contains Shea Butter which is known for its moisturising properties so its great for solving dry skin problems. It also contains antioxidant vitamin E which helps skin recover from damage and will help encourage healthy skin regeneration. This product will have your skin glowing.

The summer is here and the sun is shinning so it's time to start flashing some more flesh, so to make sure your body is soft and supple why not try out Ziaja products for yourself. Log on to their website to find your nearest stockist.

Shauna xx

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oasis Autumn Winter 2011/12 Preview

Above the Oasis store on Dublin's St. Stephens Green was the location for my latest preview.

For the Oasis customer texture will be the key to nailing next seasons looks which is a mix of 60's and 70's silhouettes. As we move into Autumn begin delving into these trends with knits, layered over sheers, floaty fabrics, soft leather and tweads. Separates such as skirts and shirts are the pieces to purchase for teaming with your woolly layers. The palette is quiet neutral but the tone is softly warm.

As with most of our favourite highstreet stores Oasis have some amazing vintage inspired pieces for next seasons collection. This palette is richer and boasts some more terrific textures such as fur touches and flecks of gold in the knits - this time to be teamed with strong feminine dresses in retro prints.

This coat has been added to my ever increasing wish list for A/W.........sooo soft, colour is divine and the generous fur collar with matching cuffs are fab.

When we reach the stage of summer having been long forgotten (maybe november??) your local Oasis will be fully equiped with everything you need to get you back in black. Create a monochrome look mixing your blacks with whites and more blacks, or if our summer season has you addicted to colour blocking then splash some red on you dark dependables.

Time to accentuate all these wonderful winter wears with the help of my weakness....accessories - loved their displays!

Some of their new collection has already begun to arrive instores and you can also check out their new arrivals online - the embellished fleurie tea dress (shown in my 5th picture accessorised with a fur stole) is available online for €94

Elaine xx

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Curved Up

This curvacious post is for an old friend and dedicated reader of this blog. Firstly with the help of Nigella Lawson and Adele I want these images to inspire fuller figured ladies into injecting some sexiness into their style.

Both Adele and Nigella dress in classic timeless pieces that create hourglass silhouettes, neither of them shying away from their curves but instead accentuating them for an ultra sexy all-woman look.

A feminine hourglass figure has shoulders and hips that are roughly the same width with a narrower waist.

Many women have hips or shoulders that aren't in proportion to each other - so the key is to balance your hips and shoulders creating the illusion that they are the same width - obviously if they already are the same width then happy days you simply need to create or define your waist.

Broader hips than shoulders??
To restore balance add volume to the upper body with the help of cap or puffed sleeves, boat necklines, wide set straps. Select medium to dark colour fabrics for the lower body. Draw attention away from the lower body by choosing eye catching accessories for the upper body.

Broader shoulders than hips??
Avoid details around the shoulder area that would create a strong focal point or anything that will add more volumn. Wear plain fabrics on your top half, if you want to wear prints do so on your lower half. Never wear clothes that hang down from your shoulders as it make your waist and tummy appear larger than it is.

Shopping tips for the curvy lady:

>  If selecting stripes, stick with vertical or horizontal patterns

>  Deep v-necklines will slim your bust. Add a low neckline cami underneath a plunging neckline if you are uncomfortable with displaying too much cleavage.

>  Avoid clothes that will add bulk to your shape, choose simple styles in fabrics that fit well and drape around your curves.

>  Don't hide behind the safety of dark n dull, play with colour, it will make you visibly younger by brightening your complexion and mood.

>  Long cardigans and jackets elongate your figure making you look taller and slimmer

>  Footwear with height again has a slimming effect but also ensures you walk with a glamorous confident swagger.

>  If you have items in your wardrobe that you know you look fabulous in, then while wearing them, take a long look in the mirror and decide what it is about these pieces that work for you. Learn from the times you got it wrong and from the times you got it bang on.

>  Always buy your correct size; squeezing into a size too small or hiding in a size too big will add unwanted pounds to your figure.

SO Fabulous mock wrap occasion dress €59
Belted Street Scene Dress €21 Penneys
SO Fabulous waterfall knit cardi €42

Rocha John Rocha pale grey floral summer dress €63

Principles by Ben De Lisi orange knot front sleeveless top €30

Principles by Ben De Lisi orange square print skirt €60

SO Fabulous print maxi dress €49

SO Fabulous print tie dress €54

Rocha John Rocha long cardigan €90

SO Fabulous tribal embellished vest top €37

Some shops worth checking out for plus size fashion are:

Tempted  -  from size 16-28. They have a store in Raheny Dublin 5, Key West Wexford Town and Carlow Shopping Centre Carlow Town and are available online

Littlewoods Ireland  -  their SO Fabulous range goes up to a size 30 and they also offer wide fitting shoes

Debenhams  -  up to sizes 22-24. Their Designer ranges (e.g. Butterfly by Matthew Williamson, J by Jasper Conran) to up to size 18. Rocha John Rocha  and Star by Julien McDonald ranges go up to size 22. Betty Jackson Black and Principles by Ben De Lisis go up to size 20. And Debenhams own brand from size 6-22.

Penneys  -  up to size 20 across their range in all stores

Many stores stock sizes up to an 18:

Monsoon  -  up to size 18 in all stores and online

Coast  -  up to size 18 in all stores and online

Heatons  -  up to size 18 in all stores and online

Hope this was helpful. As always myself and Shauna are open to suggestions for future posts so don't be shy, email us details of what you'd like see here to or

Elaine xx

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Lip Service

Hi guys hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather over the weekend. Fingers crossed it will last a bit longer. My buy of the week is Max Factor Max Effect Gloss Cube. There are 10 different shades to complement your lip tone. It has a curvy applicator brush that will hug your lips for a fuller more curvaceous look. What is fab about these glosses is that they have both staying power and shine giving you great colour and texture. So love your lips this summer giving them mouth watering moisture and a flush of colour with Max Factors Max Effect Gloss Cube.

Chocolate Brown

Soft Rose

Spicy Pink
Get shopping ladies!

Shauna xx

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