Friday, June 10, 2011

Behind the Scenes

An exciting week for me this week, my Swimwear photoshoot was published in this weeks 24Seven magazine (free with People Newspapers) not only that but it looked fantastic!! Of course I was working with an amaazing team; Photographer - Maria McGrail, Makeup artist - Anne O'Donovan, Hair stylist - Joyce Clarke Henry, Models - Tara Byrne and Sinead Delaney both from Absolute the Agency,

Below are some images from my collection of behind the scenes pics - I know I love a good nose so I hope you enjoy. (By the way these were taken by me not our professional photographers)

Set in my bedroom the above picture was taken Friday night, the night before the shoot, when I got to live the dream playing with all the amazing clothes for the shoot. I was in my element having spent the whole day pulling clothes from Monsoon in Kilkenny and Penneys, River Island and Heatons in Carlow. Completely enjoyed every second of it - imagine yourself going on a mad shopping spree, that doesn't cost you a penny and there's no need to try anything on! Although Sunday, the day after the shoot, wasn't so enjoyable when the time came to return all my pretend purchases. Anyway back to the picture - If you look closely to the right of the picture you'll see my bed is covered in accessories - took hours to get into bed that night. I was a shattered but happy girl.

These two pictures (above and below) show some of my outfit ideas hanging on my wardrobe. Love both of these!

Now we move on to the day of the shoot, our location was Tamango Nightclub, White Sands Hotel, Portmarnock, Co Dublin - a fantastic setting sourced by our multi-talented makeup artist Anne.

This next pic is of Tara, even at the early stages of her makeup look she's the picture of beauty. Note the background - Anne had to work her MAC magic on the models in the nightclubs toilets! - what a glamorous life we all lead.

To my dissappointment I didn't get around to taking any pics of the hairstyles as work-in-progress but I'd imagine that's due to the fact that the hairstylist is completely bonkers (in a fabulous way - we all love Joyce) and obviously she had distracted me with her stories, jokes, dancing and singing......well we were in a nightclub even if our tipple was tea (yep I drank tea in a club!!, definitely a first). My final 5 pics are of Mia (our photographer) doing her thing - she's a super speedy clicker with guaranteed perfection.

Truely guys, styling this shoot was an amazing experience, as with any shoot there was plenty of hard work, stress, worry, and sleepless nights involved (Mia will agree) but the fun, the laughs and of course holding the published feature in your hands outshines everything else.

So on that note lets end with the finished product.

Elaine xx

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