Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 Ways to Wear A Summer Scarf

There are so many ways to wear a Summer Scarf this season, so hunt down lasts years or pop out and buy one now - you can spend as little as you like and still achieve an amazing result.

1.  Lets begin with the obvious way to wear a scarf and that of course is around your neck. What with the weather we've had to put up with recently it's definitely an essential accessory for adding a little warmth to our summer jackets.

River Island

2.  Next up is to wear it turban style and I particularly love this look for holidays by the beach or poolside. Not only will you appear extremely stylish but you'll project an impression of confidence, plus it's a clever way to disguise holiday hair (messed up by the sand, dips in the sea or the pool) - scarves are my saviour when I'm on my hols.

F&F at Tesco

3.  Hats are high in the trend stakes this summer, and a fun way to create the Sex and The City 2 look (straight from Abu Dhabi) is to wear your scarf loosely under a straw hat. This also saves you messing about trying to tie it around your head and keeping it there.


4.  Festival season is upon us and this year will see the 70's hippie come out to play. Achieve this look by folding up your scarf creating a long narrow shape and tie it in a simple knot around your forehead.


5.  Below is a more glamorous look which can easily work for evening wear if you want to add a stylish personal touch to your outfit. This would look amazing worn with a elegant evening jumpsuit. Simply bring the scarf from the back of your neck and tie in a bow at the top of your head. To keep this look dressy choose a block colour scarf (no pattern required).


6.  If these aren't enough scarf styling options you might also like to try finding a narrow style scarf and play around with wearing as a belt. You could; replace an existing belt on your summer jacket; cinch in your waist on a shapeless dress or why not put on That Seventies Show pulling it through the loops on your denim jeans or shorts.

7.  Or how about acessorising your accessesories to recreate these designer pieces.

Eugenia Kim, Gabriella feather-embellished straw sunhat, www.net-a-porter.com


Antik Batik, Novi large woven cotten-twill tote, www.net-a-porter.com

Elaine xx

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