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Dressing Curves for a Wedding

Shauna and I hosted a Style and Beauty Party last weekend and as promised we want to share with you some of the tips that we passed on to the lovely ladies on the night. Shape wise most of our guests were top heavy or hourglass and each of them blessed with curvacious boobs. With an upcoming family wedding, dress styles were the main topic of the night, so here are some gorgeous dresses perfect for special occasions and most importantly flattering for a curvy sillhouette.

Star by Julien MacDonald, €83, Debenhams
For a top heavy figure this low cut neckline flatters larger boobs, the dark block colour will slim your upper half and the vivid print on the skirt will draw all attention to your lower slimmer half while showcasing your legs.

Plain Wrap Dress, €39, Warehouse
The wrap dress is the ultimate style for a curvy hourglass silhouette, the last thing you want to do is hide those amazingly proportioned curves. The neckline on this dress cuts across your boobs giving a slimming effect and the tie detail draws the eye to your small waist. One all-over colour or an all-over print will encourage admirers to take in all of your feminine bod. If you have large boobs, avoid wearing sleeves that end at your bustline as this will draw the eye outwards giving your chest an even wider larger look. Instead choose short or 3/4 length sleeves.

Maxi Dress, €50, Next
The deep v-neckline on this maxi dress from Next will compliment and highlight large boobs at the same it will narrow broad shoulders by drawing the eye downwards. The gathering detail at the waist will slim your shape while hiding any lumps and bumps around the tummy area. If you are small in height the block colour will elongate your figure and wearing shoes in the same colour as the dress will give the illusion of an even longer frame.

Malibu Saffron Stripe Dress, €93, Fever
 Again the wrap style neckline loves larger boobs and the waist band highlights your slim waist. Everyone is very wary of wearing stripes but vertical stripes are terrific for drawing the eye downwards having a slimming and elongating effect. For a shape that has broader shoulders than hips, the soft volume on the skirt of this dress will create an hourglass silhouette without adding bulk and will also showcase your slim legs.

Now over to Shauna for her makeup tips from our party night.

Elaine xx

I found one of the main questions people wanted answered at the party night was, how to apply eye makeup? Here are just a few basic steps for eye shadow application. You can adapt these steps for any colour, enhance them for a more smoky look or use lighter colours for a more natural look.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Eye Shadow €5.49 (Colour 010)
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Eye Shadow €5.49 (Colour 040)

Step 1 - first apply foundation lightly over the whole eyelid to act as a base and even out skin tone and cover any discolouration. Apply a nude/beige matt eye shadow over the whole lid area, this forms a barrier against natural oils that can cause eye shadow to crease. It also acts as a blending base for the other colours applied on top.

Step 2 - apply a lighter eye shadow blending well under the arch of the eyebrow and on the inner corner of the eye.

Step 3 - with a smaller brush apply a matt taupe eye shadow on the outer third of the eyelid from the lash line, blending inwards and upwards into the crease of the eyelid.

Step 4 - with the eye open take the taupe eye shadow slightly above the crease and blend the edges well. For a natural look you can stop here finishing with mascara.

Step 5 - to build on this and make the eye smokier, brush the taupe eye shadow inwards so it covers two thirds of the eyelid. Blend a dark matt brown over the outer third of the eyelid from the lashes into the crease.

Step 6 - with your eye open as before blend the darker colour slightly above the crease smudging the edges so the fade seamlessly.

Step 7 - with a fine detail eye shadow brush apply matt black eye shadow along the top and bottom lash lines close to the root of the lashes. To finish curl the lashes and apply mascara.

Eye Brushes

Medium head eye shadow brush
Medium head eye shadow brush - this brush should be made of real hair that is densely packed so it feels firm. It’s flat with rounded edges so that it can easily blend eye shadow over the rounded shape of the eye.

Large head eye shadow brush

Large head eye shadow brush – it’s the same as the medium brush but used for covering larger areas. And is ideal for the application of base eye shadow colours or a wash of colour.

Eye shadow blending brush

Eye shadow blending brush - this is made of real hair and has a dome shaped head with longer bristles than the other eye shadow brushes. It should be soft and fluffy to touch and is used for blending eye shadows together and softening edges. It can also be used for applying powder under the eyes to set concealer.

Eye detail brush

Eye detail brush - this brush is the same shape as the medium and large eye shadow brushes and is made of real hair but is much smaller and has many uses. It can be used to smudge powder eye shadow into eyeliner, apply loose pigments with precision or apply eye shadow under the bottom lashes close to the root of the lashes.

Slanted eyebrow brush

Slanted eyebrow brush - made of synthetic bristles and flat with a slanted edge. It’s used to fill and enhance the eyebrows with eyebrow powder.

Flat liner brush

Flat liner brush - this is made of synthetic bristles and flat with square edge. It’s used for precision and easy application of cake or gel eyeliner close to the lash line.

Cream eye shadow brush

Cream eye shadow brush - used for application of cream eye shadow products, its flat with a rounded head. It can also be used to touch up foundation and concealer.

Shauna xx

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